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    Hacked cheats dawn of gods android

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    dawn of gods android hack

    Select a city as your base: camlann - start your journey in the shifting, mirage-ridden sands of the desert; gimle - the fiery souls of warriors burn all the brighter in the frozen northen lands; luxor temple - gods walk among mortals in the land where sea and sky meet.
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    Welcome! Tis is your city to watch over and protect. Let's build a ballista to defend your city dawn of gods. Partnerships can give a huge boost to skills. Keep an eye on them! Gods and troops can only be placed outside the red-zone. Use god skills by tapping in the highlighted god portrait! Entering the arena requires arena keys. Friends and hacked cheats can gift keys dawn of gods to each other.

    Only players with a comparable honor level can attack your city!

    how to enter cheats dawn of gods

  • how and where enter
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