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    Official site Flint Adventure cheat world: chief! Welcome to the land of warriors, let me show you around. This is the stonehenge - you can use it to summon powerful heroes, who will help you develop your tribe. Basic summons consume basic summon scrolls and allow you to summon 1 to 5 star heroes. Now that you have summoned a powerful hero, let’s go explore this continent.


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    Campaign - from here, you can complete the battle and develop the tribe. The heroes you send out will fight automatically, you get spoils after a certain time interval! When the progress bar is filled a fight will start. Lots of dangers await you on the land of warriors. Face them together with your heroes. Select a hero and click their portrait to make them join the battle. Ready? Let’s begin your battle!

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    Tribal restraint will inflict additional 30% damage and increase by 15% hit value. The order of attack is decided by a hero’s speed in combat. Except summoning a hero, you can also get a hero through merging fragments. Try it out by using the fragments you got in battle. When you collect a certain amount of fragments, you can summon the hero. Tap the collected fragments to carry out the summon.

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    We cannot step into the dangerous road without the help of powerful heroes, so let’s make your heroes stronger. When a hero’s exp is full, tap the upgrade icon to upgrade the hero. By upgrading heroes you can also upgrade their attributes. The higher the level, the stronger the hero. Upgrade your hero once more! By tapping equip all you can make your hero equip all of their most powerful gear.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: harvest- tap here to claim auto combat loots. The longer the time is, the more rewards you will get. Tap on the hero portrait to send a new hero into battle. Drag a hero to change their position. Line up 6 heroes of same tribe to activate tribe halo, giving powerful attributes. You need to claim more loot, so you can use it to make your hero more powerful.

    Tutorial (wiki): the hack market is now available - you can find treasures everywhere. You’ve made it just in time! There are advanced summon scrolls for sale. Remember to upgrade your hero.You’re powerful enough to explore the unknown world. You get a free summon every 8 hours and free advanced summon every 48 hours. Upgrading your VIP level can enjoy more game privileges.

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    1. lz2s2AqDZrxh0HO - advanced summon
    2. 3lUBM97MShTqpcv - friendship points
    3. 0IThL5BQ2YDfwjb - gold
    4. 1qQQGbMXwaciNbN - vip exclusive pack
    5. TttO4F72C7Gs16N - diamonds
    6. bGRRjPDH2Rigkd7 - montly card
    7. Fh9Eraj26PKl9H2 - mysterious egg
    8. EhuNV5ef8wvjshj - arena tokens
    9. x4eCnNIpj1ZHpA6 - wishing stone
    10. HYul5dTjl7dCwR9 - level up
    11. Vwonm6crLxBo2q2 - upgrade
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