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    Official site Summoners & Puzzles cheat world: a long time ago, the prince and princess lived happily in the castle. But one day….Complete the goals to pass the stage. How to play: drag and swap positions freely. Matching 3 identical ones horizontally, vertically or diagonally. C, B or A family shards are easier to get. If you want to quickly increase the hero level, you can upgrade these families first. Summoning monsters directly will cost 1 move.


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    Swapping monsters will also cost 1 move. Summon as many monsters as possible within the limited moves. Your backpack has only 30 slots. Use the items you don’t need to enhance the more powerful ones. You can turn off the hint to hide the annoying finger. Slide your finger to move the stage selection screen. Gold coins - used to upgrade your monsters (applicable to monsters summoned with scrolls).

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    You have mastered the basic combat skills from fighting the little mobs in the village. The little furballs will summon more friends to help you! Intro of the furball family Furballs are the princess’ pets. You may mistake them as flying buns if you don’t look at them carefully. Fragments - a card used to unlock or upgrade the monster. Panda monster - the villain of the villain, Battle panda, had learned about your battle with the bullies. It can’t wait to fight you! intro of the battle panda family are the bullies in the village. They often make people’s life uneasy by robbing others and taking protection rackets.

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    Mind your CR and choose which monster to summon wisely. View enemy combat rating from top right corner. The status will be preserved to the next stage. Preserving your force to the next stage helps you in clearing the full chapter. Your sandbox layout will be preserved to the next battle within the same chapter. Planning your sandbox strategy carefully helps you in clearing the full chapter.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: harvest- tap here to claim auto combat loots. The longer the time is, the more rewards you will get. Tap on the hero portrait to send a new hero into battle. Drag a hero to change their position. Line up 6 heroes of same tribe to activate tribe halo, giving powerful attributes. You need to claim more loot, so you can use it to make your hero more powerful.

    Tutorial (wiki):scrolls are the troops you can dispatch at any time but of course, you have to take them with you. Upgrading the corresponding family will also make the scroll more powerful. Dragging epic or legendary monsters directly to the team will return the moves used to you. Not applicable in arena. You can swap the monsters in any way you like. Plan your swaps, multi match and combos to gain more advantages. The status of the sandbox will be preserved to the next stage.

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