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    Official site Squadflow cheat world: i am cheat-on, a combat support unit. Welcome to new android game, i will support the current unit during the expedition. Prior to that, however, we will conduct a tutorial on the squadflow’s system. Completing the tutorial will grant you rewards that you can use to facilitate your mission with the SPS.You are going to be trained on this camp for fundamental control of SPS. Also you will be able to find item and battle system to help excution of mission of SPS.


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    Armory is a place to set equipment required for battle. You can check all of battle equipment, skin. and you can install them here. However, equipments and skins here are only usable on training camp. After replacement of weapon, you are going to replace skin. You can equip skin you have through replace skin command. Tutorial for replacement of equipment and skin is complete. If you don’t want equipment and skin you installed, please select equipment you want and install to SP5.

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    When the blackbots attack and place humanity on the brink of extinction, world leaders and some of the survivors escape to a space colony. To secure more information about the blackbots, they recall the exploration robot SPS, which was previously dispatched to the outer space. Redesigned as a combat robot, the SP5s are dispatched to Earth on a mission for humanity.

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    Squad flow supports autoplay. please touch the button and convert to auto play mode. You can always intervene manually during auto play. SOmetimes, intervening allows for a more efficient game play, and the mission also requires manual control sometimes. Cube items: ammo - immediately reloads all weapons and does not consume ammo for 10 seconds. boost - refills the boost bar, and the boost bar is not drained for 10 sec. Shield - recovers shield energy by 100%. Well done, this ends the training tutorial. The data collected from the tutorial indicates that there is a 100% probability that your SP5 can eliminate blackbots and complete the missions.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: if you have any questions as you play the game, you can refer to the guide. The acquired weapon moved to hangar. Hangar can be checked weapons and parts, skins, enhancement items. The weapon can also be strengthened in the hangar, and it can be disassembled and replace with parts. Also, you can sell useless items.

    Tutorial (wiki): once the equipment has been leveled up to the maximum, you can upgrade the equipment to increase its star rank. When you clear the stage chapters, higher difficulty levels are opened in order. The higher the difficulty, the higher the level of compensation you can get. Refining is a system for increasing the attack or defense related the stats of an equipment. You will get better results by using better materials. You can disassemble useless equipment to get parts.

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    1. YH7GiTYaHeJ2P7m - advanced equipment machine
    2. EZpIdUcavhBoWLE - energy
    3. DOboqAWd4eHnUaD - level up
    4. 00Cl303BBhVZjU4 - parts
    5. F7GRgtM94SvBpuO - skins
    6. bQrgM8dvgqYpMkL - gift pack
    7. i4D2wkN1lMaZv1H - upgrade
    8. CaGWCLl5rbU7enj - vip ticket
    9. n4Pj9Y18CreHMe0 - gold
    10. wo9Z0hzGPdIeaVJ - fuel
    11. uhsVbFymoXcV5HH - crystals
    12. xcmCwsXkixdzM4q - premium pack
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