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    Official site Commander Battle cheat world: 12 days after the last terror attack… A new terror organization known as the scorpions have been terrorizing the world. They are so ruthless and vicious. They leave unspeakable devastation where every they pass. Commander of all nations have united and urgently formed a special force code named “great chaos”! You must destroy the scorpion’s base and find out who is behind them.


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    Commander, before you start the real battle, follow my instruction and clear the pre combat training in hell mode! Enemy has reached the ally’s base! hurry! Deploy the infantry and destroy the enemy base. If you deploy the same unit multiple times, its ability will increase. higher ability will not only increase its tactical ability but it will also increase the exp you get after a battle.

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    The reason why the unit’s correlation icon turned red is because there is enemy with superior correlation attribute. Jeep can take out infantry more effectively. Jeep is no match against a tank. Airdrop a tank and surprise the enemies. Anti tank infantry can deal heavy damage against tanks. Understanding the correlations between units will give you superior edge on the battlefield.

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    The stryker MGS makes it into battle most quickly with its strong mobility and displays powerful energy in operations. It provides HQ with the latest information and selects better operations. It is like the all seeing eye on the battlefield. M270 is an armored, autonomous multiple rocket launcher. Its long firing range, strong firepower, high level of accuracy and mobility make it a nightmare to enemy soldiers and armored vehicles.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: commander, units’ deployment speed will increase if you level up the energy. Higher energy level will increase recharge speed and makes area attack easier. Increase your energy level to level 3 as soon as possible. You can upgrade the skill level. It can be upgraded from skill menu in the main screen.

    Tutorial (wiki): click on the unit card to view equipped weapon and correlation effect with other units. Higher main level increases the max unit level. Surface missile deals wide area damage. Rocket type weapons can effectively destroy a tank. Star point reward - gets better when you clear even more times. When you star upgrade a grade c or higher unit, bonus attribute will be added randomly. From now on, you take control of your battalion and defeat your enemies.

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