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    Official site Football Fred cheat world: hey there! I’m cheat-on, and i’ll be your faithful assistant. YOu may remember me from such games as Running, Falling, Skiing Fred. You never heard of any of these games, huh? This is a poor choice for a cross game promotion placement. Game control: player moved - drag to move your player towards the highlighted yellow area. Note that if you drag more your player will start to move faster but you will lose some stamina.


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    It’s important to manage your stamina wisely. Passes - this is an important one - you need to be able to pass the ball between your players. Just swipe in the direction where your target teammate is. Goal kicks - move closer to the gates to maximize your scoring chances. Now make a long swipe to shoot. Defense - run towards the rival to steal the ball. You can also tap to change the selected player.

    Football Fred cheats android, ios hack codes


    Ball possession is key for achieving victory. You are ready for an actual match now. One final advice: not the scoreboard, you can fill this bar stealing the ball from the opponent and performing dribblings. You can perform dribblings just tapping anywhere in the screen when you got the ball. It will cost some stamina. When the bar is filled, an special action will be selected like a special kick.

    Football Fred gift box
    I’ve just found a brand new club for us! I guess it was not exactly as advertised. With work and plenty of league victories, we can build our stadium up to world class. First, we need good players to be on our team. Take free hack pack with new players. Remember, the cheat area is limited to four 4 packs! So open them regularly! Tap on the pack to see its details. As you can see, you can’t open packs immediately, we need time. But you know what they say, time is like money, so, why can’t be the other way around?

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: gems ticket - this is not a gift, is an investment, i believe in you, kinda. You can manage your team alignment from the team screen. Here you can change the field players, who is in the bench, and which strategy we are going to use. I already put everyone in the most convenient position. Except for that one for world player on the bench. He is a rare player, it means that he has better qualities than the others. Let’s switch him, so he will be on the field at the start of the match.

    Football Fred Tutorial (wiki): you switch the players by dragging their portrait and dropping it over the player that you want to replace. From the editor button, you can customize the team colors. Enter to team preferences. As you can see, we have many options here. You can change the name of your team, edit your emblem, change the selected ball. For the moment we have only one, but there are a lot to collect. Also here we can change the gear of your players and goalkeeper.

    Secret hack code: now we are ready for our first cup! Tap on the play button. here you can choose the location in which we are going to play. Remember, we can not play two tournaments at once. Once we start a tournament, we must finished or abandon it. There are many locations that you can unlock by playing the game. For the moment, only the first one is available. Each location can have many challenges besides the main event. Match info - we can make some last minutes changes on our team from here.

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