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    Official site Call of Battle cheat world: in the wake of the 1930’s great depression, the rise of Fascism and Western appeasement of Fascist power threw the world into chaos. With the world in flames, three great military factions gradually formed. Sir, please choose a faction and join the world war: chaos fields, USSR, federal union. Chaos fields - a faction of separated forces. The formed together and were forced into joining the war due to attacks from the fascist powers. They fight for democracy and freedom.


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    Nazi forces have begun their global scale invasion. As the best commander of the allies, you are ordered to establish a base on the front line to resist Nazi’s invasion. Sir, i am cheat-on. Allied HQ’ ordered me to assist you in this front line base. It’s not the time to chat. Nazi reconnaissance forces have already discovered this base. Two light armored recon units are approaching. Don’t worry sir, there was also a great general coming with me. Please go to recruit him. With him loading the troops, we’ll be able to wipe the Nazis out.

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    The enemy forces hindering us have been beaten back, the frontline base can continue its construction. After several battles, the troops are now exhausted and unable to continue marching for the time being. We need to take the initiative of the battlefield and build a strong army.Before organizing an army, we must first build a secure base, but needs a solid infrastructure foundation. We need to upgrade the town hall. The town hall is an important building in your base, Increasing the town hall’s level will enable you to unlock more buildings. When the upgrade time is less than 5 minutes you can speed it up for free. Commander, you’re already pretty well known around here, soldiers in the surrounding areas secure and at ease with you around and are waiting to join our troops. But before that, we need to build a barracks to provide us with a constant supply of reserves.

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    In this war, anyone who agrees in spirit with the Atlantic Charter and is able to fight along side us against those aggressive countries and forces can all be considered our allies. Outside the city we can command troops to occupy lands, we can also send them to explore the map for different events. Building construction requires resource, so we should first go outside to escupy lands to obtain plenty of resources. The flashing symbol indicates the amount of consumed vitality. The officer’s vitality can be viewed in the troop’s detail, consumed vitality will gradually restore over time.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the marching needs a short time. We can continue the building construction in our base meanwhile. Our troop’s weapons are all a little old and outdated, it might be a good idea to take advantage of our current growth and development and upgrade them. Individual soldier combat ability is one of the most important metrics for gauging a troop’s power, it is very important to upgrade the quality of our soldiers.

    Call of Battle d-day wars tutorial (wiki): occupy all cities to unify the whole world. Shards can be obtained from officer shard events, officer recruitment, hack cheats. At higher levels, buildings take more time to level up. We can use the building speed up hack card to speed up the building’s upgrade. Help researching alliance tech to earn honor to buy items in alliance shop. Try completing quests or occupying lands to gain more resources.

    Buildings: factory - is used for military equipment maintenance, it can be upgraded to increase the troops’ attack and tactics. Continue to upgrade the factory in order to improve your troops’ attack ability. Tent - is used to rest troops, it can be upgraded to enhance the troops’ defense and stamina. Command center can raise the soldier limit of all your troops. The warehouse is used to store resources. Once upgraded, it can store and protect more resources. The Foreign ministry - provides various alliance functions. It can be upgraded to increase the count and time of alliance help.
    Units: tank - a front row unit, their heavy armor allows them to take a lot of damage. Sherman - developed and produced by the USA during the second world war, codenamed M4, it could maintain a relatively high speed on both on and off road, its firepower could even penetrate Tiger tanks. ]
    Officers: George Smith Patton - a four star general of the US Army, he was a leading figure to the development of the US army’s armor warfare doctrine. In 1942 he led troops in North Africa and quickly restored the morale of the second army, during the 1944 battle of ardennes he successfully saved the surrounded US forces and led his men into German territory before the end of the battle.

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