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    Official site Heroes of Arzar cheat world: greetings, dream walker. The tablet above shows the quest that is most suitable for your heroes to complete. Tap the tablet to select tutorial quest. After completing all tutorial quests you may receive considerable amounts of diamonds. Attack Sark and head back to our healing soil - on the first round of each player gains movement +1. Let our hero stay until the end of round. The healing soil will restore health to character.


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    Clearance requirements - kill minions to buy items restore health with the health potion. Minions will auto move and attack. The base on both sides will summon minions every 4 rounds. In your round, you can attack once per round. Unit marker red is a valid target. Once all possible actions have been taken, the End round will light up.

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    Use the skill: air strike to land and attack enemy units. Orange grid is the range of the skill. You’re rewarded with more gold if your hero deals the killing blow. Besides healing soil, you can also restore health to your hero with health potion. Enter item store to buy a pair of boots. Drag and drop it into the item slot to buy it. The grids that are red is the turret attack range. If you stand within the range you will be attacked by it. You may check the range by long pressing the turret.

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    turrets can attack enemy unit 2 times per round. Use spell blink to escape from the range. Each skill features a mana cost in the top left corner. Your mana will be reduced after using a skill. Most skills can only be used once per round. YOu can damage to the enemy hero by casting the spell: fiery, spells cost no mana and can be casted on both self and enemy rounds.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: eliminate enemy hero to destroy the enemy turrets. The team that destroys both opposing turrets will be the victory. Sudden death begins on the 21st round. The first team that eliminates the opposing enemy hero or turret will be considered the victory. After 30 rounds if both teams are even in turrets. The victory will be determined by which side has the most turret health. Tap the energy container on the top left corner to proceed to the energy draw interface. You may consume energy to actuate energy draw or hack cheats. Valuable resources can be obtained in this area. After initiating energy draw your energy bar would start to increase. Once it reaches 100% your next energy draw is guaranteed to obtain the top reward.

    Heroes of Arzar tutorial (wiki): drink health potion to restore health to your hero. The items in the item tab are not consumables. The higher level your badge is the more bonuses you will receive. You may click surrender in the settings to leave the battle. There are 5 item pages in total, you may name each page by long pressing. You may equip every page with almost 12 items. Those that you have accustomed on the page will be purchasable during battles. use different heroes to complete the quests of win 2 pvp matches.

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