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    . Free cheats code list Empire Ruler King and Lords - gold, gems, resources (wood, food, stone), upgrade, speed up, castle chest, level up, troops, vip points, wiki, tutorial.

    Official site Empire Ruler King and Lords cheat world: splendid civilization, great arts, those all will eventually be destroyed in the flames of the war started by the barbarians. Diseases and darkness will revisit the mankind. After a long period of darkness, a brave lord shall end the chaos. He will lead us to fight against the darkness and the evil to return to the golden age, achieving the great revitalization!


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    my lord, castle is the core of our kingdom, upgrading it is the beginning of the empire’s development. Thanks for the wisdom of our ancestors, we mastered the subtle cues of speed up. Use free acceleration wisely as it can make our kingdom grow faster than the enemy’s. Soldiers are the core of combat. Construct barracks to ensure adequate soldiers first.

    Empire Ruler King and Lords cheats android, ios hack codes


    Buildings: farm, samwill, quarry, mine - place to produce and hold food, stone, wood, gold. Upgrade to increase it’s output and storage capacity. Medic ten - houses wounded soldiers. Training grounds - upgrade to raise training speed and the number of soldiers you can train at a time. Use speed up items to accelerate the development. Don’t forget that, my lord.

    Empire Ruler King and Lords gift box
    You can use speed up item to reduce your construction time. Complete quests to receive speed up items. Joining alliance for the first time can get gems! Allies can help you upgrade buildings. More allies for strategy discussion. Complete alliance quests to get abundant rewards. My lord, the watch tower is alerting! Rebels will launch attack on our castle in 29s, please be careful and get ready.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you have successfully defended against the rebels attack and captured some rebel troops. You can check battle report to see the battle details. Train some soldiers, enemies may invade at any time. Then build resource constructions to secure resources supplies for development. There are many resource plots outside the castle. Let’s send troops to gather resources to increase our supplies. Complete recommended quest to get more rewards for development.

    tutorial (wiki): with vip activated, you will be able to use special privileges and increase free speed up time! Vip level is related to your vip points. The higher vip level you have, the more and better privileges you will be able to use. Vip points can be obtained through daily login and vip items. The more consecutive logins you have, the more Vip points you will obtain.

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    1. y8rS1BTuGpwviU0 - gold
    2. EOkNm5OeimGMM62 - gems
    3. DbZajM3AkWkcBRV - resources (wood, food, stone)
    4. zMDFN8NhNgDx8Yg - speed up
    5. JpZH2Yd2cXIi20P - castle chest
    6. 8ZxPq97V94tOVcW - level up
    7. jA0IAx1AkM4sX9J - troops
    8. htyLlt4qYeJfrSz - vip points
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