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    Official site Warriors of Waterdeep cheat world: the bandits have retreated to the abandoned sharpstone keep, you must clear them out, quickly! Initiative - the battle timer indicates the initiative order for the next six heroes and enemies. Timing is everything. Archetypes affect combat stats: sturdy - hit points, skilled - attack, tough - armor class, mighty - damage. Tap and hold a hero or monsters to view its combat stats and status effects.


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    The cleric halbenet and the wizard Shevarith follow the bandits of the Burntborne horde back to sharpstone keep. You hear a clatter of steel on stone followed by a raucous chorus of yelps and cheers. Goblins are more afraid of you than you are of them. Unless they outnumber you. Goblins and kobolds only fight so well if stronger creatures keep them in line. Find their leader.

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    Your renown indicates how famous and powerful your heroes have become. Reaching new renown levels lets you collect new heroes and new reward packs. Open the party tab to see your roster of heroes. The kobold’s small statue can be a large advantage in combat - they move and strike faster than their larger opponents. Defeat the enemies to claim chest as your prize.

    Warriors of Waterdeep gift box
    Secret room - keep your eyes open for a secret room. You’ll find great rewards for success, but also great danger. Upgrading your items improves their combat stats and abilities, and increases your renown, allowing you to gain new heroes and rewards. Heroes: Tommus - is a stalwart warrior who defends his allies by holding back the enemy.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the rewards in your card packs and chests increase the further you progress in an adventure or challenge. Move and attack abilities generate more powerful effects when the roll appears. The arrow indicates if the attack deals bonus damage. Assemble your heroes, battle iconic monsters, collect powerful weapons, discover deadly location and challenge your adventuring skills.

    tutorial (wiki): when danger threatens waterdeep Laeral Silverhand summons warriors: Laeral Silverhand - open lord of Waterdeep; Durman - owner of the Yawning portal; Mirt - purveyor of Wonders. Ready your heroes, choose your path, fight epic battles, earn great rewards. Pre register at: warriorsofwaterdeep.com.

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