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    Official site VERSUS Epic Battle cheat world: oh, is this the new commander? Welcome, i am the mercenary leader cheat-on. Let’s see what you’ve got, new commander. The goal of the battlefield is simple. Summoning your troops to destroy the tower of the enemy will lead to victory. Let’s summon the hero. Touch the hero icon to summon him to the battlefield. Mana is charged after summoning a hero.


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    To summon a unit requires as much mana as the cost of the unit. Summon the units and attack the enemy tower with the hero. Touch the swordsman icon to summon him to the battlefield. It’s as important to defend your tower as it is to attack the enemy’s tower. You can change the location you summon your troops on the battlefield to respond to enemy attacks. Change the summoning location and defend the tower before the enemy approaches!

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    Heroes can directly designate their targets for attack. Heroes have a powerful ability called skill. Your can use your skills to strike a great blow against the enemy or buff your allies to turn the tide of the battle instantly. Touch the hero skill icon to activate skill. Kill the enemy with the summoned units and heroes. Let’s go and strengthen our units. We can catch our breath in the meantime. Craft menu - you can use gold to craft hero tokens here. You can acquire a hero by hero token.

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    Remember that you still need the tokens after obtaining a hero for promote. Press the deck formation button - here you can form a deck, which is a set of units or heroes. You can organize up to 3 heroes and 6 units into a deck. Take a closer look at the effects of heroes and units for synergy to create more powerful decks. Heroes: golden axe Georg - a powerful melee character, immune to stun. Evening Dew Ellowen - a range hero with high attack power, specialized in critical attacks. Arbiter Vincent - a magic character with are skill, specialized to crowd control.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: seasonal missions are reset every 2 weeks as the battlefield season progresses. Touch the target of a threatening enemy and let it attack directly. If you move near ally tower, you can recover HP. Two enemy heroes died? Victory if you defeat the enemy’s last hero! Your opponent has summoned a unit to another line? Change the unit summoning location to fight back. Can complete research immediately through use of diamonds hack.

    tutorial (wiki): determine what strategy to use by looking at a matched opponent’s deck buff. Equipping equipment makes heroes stronger. A stage must be cleared with limited forces in scenario mode. Skill information can be verified without the use of a skill by touching the skill icon and lowering one’s hand. Missions are divided into daily and seasonal achievements depending on time of reset.

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