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    Official site Master of Heroes cheat world: greetings, i see your aura, nice potential, ideal skill for a new android game. You’re blessed to be in the right hands in the right dimension. I’m your personal magic orbis: menter. My insight is linked with the fantasy virtual arena to assist you. Let me project some training as the first step. Training is not only the start, but the road to perfection. This is the best way to master yourself and your heroes.


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    Come back regularly to test your heroes against each other. This rewarding process is worth setting up your team now. Drag and drop your active hero cards to the right starting lineup slots. After you’re done, bring them to training by tapping the arrow on the right. Here you can check your heroes’ stats and make them progress by using necessary resources. The more heroes you gorm the more things are there to discover, more tactics to try.

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    Use the action buttons to the right to fight for victory. Your blue turn meter is filled to take your next action. it’s also better to keep an eye on the green HP bar as well. YOur training reward gives all the kind of elemental essences your team has been consist of. You better to collect them. In order to get a hero to your team, you need to collect connecting kudos, and activate as soon as possible.

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    Long tap action icons and heroes to collect more information. But the most important you already know. Look for the weakest enemy and tap to target. Also wise to prevent an enemy attack before the hero’s turn meter fills. Elimination is virtual, fallen heroes are unharmed, but this is the way to win. There are diverse abilities to master. heal, taunt, group buffs and enemy debuffs are all available with time. Abilities: life leech - heal himself by a given percentage of the damage dealt. Taunt - block all pathways that lead to teammates with hedges and tendrils. Only taunting heroes can be targeted. Cause turn meter damage to the primary target.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: your constancy makes me proud of you. However in tough times additional resources can come in handy. Tap the shop on the bottom, or your resources on top right for more. Scrips are nice way to express gratitude. Organes drive magic, hence your progress could be more magical. Come here anytime to get some, or to convert orgones to scrips. Collected resources can be used to progress your heroes and manage and improve your teams.

    tutorial (wiki): Active heroes are listed from all elemental rosters. Tap one for more information. Collect fitting kudes for activating and starring up heroes. Level up can be achieved by collecting the right type of elemental essences. hero: Teuton - a fearsome attacker tank who eliminated all his feelings decades ago. His coldness makes even the strongest shiver in his vicinity.

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