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    Official site Brick Breaker Evolution cheat world: welcome to composite mercenaries! Compose mercenaries to kill monsters. Drag it and add them to the blanks in the party. Double touch mercenaries< all characters of the same level will be composed. Mercenaries in the protection zone are excluded from compositions. Your party will become much stronger. Try monster hunting after growing your party.


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    You can hold down the character to view the details. Characters upgrade guide - it shows the best way for a mercenary to become strong, so please pay attention. Let’s raise the strengthening level. The following passive skills can only be upgraded by raising the strengthening level first. It takes time to strengthen. Now, let’s upgrade ATT increase and HP increase for free. Upgrades are really important, so please pay careful attention.

    Brick Breaker Evolution cheats android, ios hack codes


    Characters: Olive - first ATT of the back (right) mercenary in the same party increases by 30% for every turn. Baron - in case of aleader, the HP of the mercenaries in positions 1-5 increases by 30%. Owen - in case of a leader, the HP of the mercenary in the same party, except yourself. Soul stone - mercenary station - more mercenaries can wait. Summoning time - you can summon new heroes faster. Summoning station - save more mercenaries that can be produced. Auto summon - summoner summons a mercenary by itself.

    Brick Breaker Evolution gift box
    The ball reflects in different directions based on where it hits the shield. If the boss hits you, swipe quickly to recover. Combine spells for awesome effects. The ball moves faster over time. Meteor storm can hit explosive barrels. Meteor storm can devastate any level before you even start playing. The puffer fish can rebound the ball at high speed.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: if there are two or more of the same ninja, they will hit it twice. Evolution into a top hero. The changed member takes effect on the next defense day (next stage). Magic is a great help in battle and in the acquisition of goods. Capacity increase based on acquisition quantity. Summon a souls that can maximize the abilities of a hero.

    tutorial (wiki): mount and release of souls is possible through a detailed viewing screen of the character. Touch the soul slot in the detailed view screen to mount the soul. Skill provides useful features for hero summon\ evolution. Magic capabilities apply in batches to all units. Maximize your combat abilities. If you beat a hero in battle, you can compose it. Enhance your hero to activate the next character.

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