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    Official site Star Trek Trexels II cheat world: The attack on Krill hive drives the progenitors into a mad rage. They fire a powerful weapon that destroys the enterprise and triggers a series of strange explosions which distort time and space around them. Through a rift formed in space, an escaping space shuttle from the enterprise arrive at an all new dimension. Where they can’t tell friend and foe apart.


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    I’ve been serving under captain cheat-on, aboard a retrofit attack fighter. It’s a far cry from the beauties i’ve served on, but i’ve been informed we could be preparing for battle. Our first job is getting ship back into ship shape. With limited supplies, and the constant threat of attack, it may take some time. But if we don’t get ship working and fast, we won’ last a hot minute in the rift.

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    Tap on empty space to see all rooms. It pays to speed things up in a perilous environment, finish the construction quickly. To generate resource, you’ll need to assign crew members to rooms (tap to assign). Hurrying production can get you resources instantly. However, be aware that using hurry could also cause unexpected incidents. Keep an eye on the chance of success. Officers have unique abilities which immensely help in battle. Keep upgrading your ships to make them more powerful and collect more officers to command them.

    Star Trek Trexels II gift box
    Tap on “-” button to unassign crew if you need them to work on something else. To get more crew members, you’ll have to build additional crew quarters. We need more hands on deck for building this ship up so let’s finish this quickly. Check out the tasks tab to get notified of priority assignment from starfleet. Completing tasks on time will greatly help in progressing quicker. Starfleet will open up more difficult systems (with greater rewards) once you’ve leveled up. Officers can be trained to unlock their abilities in ship battles and improve their success in missions.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: to unlock missions in each system, we need to probe them. We already have a full set of 5 probes. They generate automatically over time as you spend them. Let’s probe the asteroid here. Maybe we can salvage something to augment our ships. Each challenge you face in an away mission will test your officer’s skills. The images of interactive objects will help you recognize them when they are revealed during exploration. Tap on the screen in the direction you want to move the character.

    tutorial (wiki): notice the action point (AP) marker above the character. When an officer was spent their ap for a turn, the next officer may take a turn. Walk over resources to collect them. You have arrived at the first switch in the sequence. You can determine this order by using science skills in later missions. To activate this switch, apply your engineering skills. Space station is home to your flagship and other ships you can buy to add to your fleet. You only have 4 empty slots so ensure your best ships are commissioned at all time.

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