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    Official site Diggy Loot cheat world: greetings! Let me show you the basics of the game. Tap or swipe on dirt to clear the way for me to move. I automatically move left and right. COmpleting objectives earns stars. Let’s click the quest log to see which objectives arc in level. Some levels have different objectives, so remember to see which one your current level has.


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    Looks like there is some gas blocking our way. We should see if we can use one of these blocks to stop the gas. Click the dirt below the block to let it fall down. Drop blocks or walk over the off switch on traps to disable them. Looks like this enemy might be looking for trouble. We can use a block to stop him. Looks like it’s very far down. It will hurt to fall from this height. Use falling block as an elevator to get down. Tap the dirt below the block to drop us down. Clever use of these falling blocks can get us a long way.

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    Now that we got the basics down, let’s see what else there is to do. Click the home button to enter the mansion. Welcome to my home! Let’s check out the trophy room and see what that which stole from me. I’ve marked where the trophies are on the map. Look for the red buttons with the trophy icon. After collecting a trophy, come back here and we will put it back in the collection. There are 5 pieces to collect in each zone. If you collect all the pieces from one zone, i will be sure to reward you.

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    That’s it for the mansion. Click the home button on the map any time to come back here. Dig your path solve puzzles. Disable deadly traps. Explore ancient sites. Reclaim stolen trophies. Explore ancient Egypt, China, Rome, The Wild West and take on challenging puzzles in the Ice Age. Each location has a unique look and more locations are added in future updates.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Dig out the ground so the professor can move around. Use your brain and quick thinking to disable traps, eliminate enemies and complete quests to earn stars. Guide the professor to the exit in each level to progress further and further. Hidden throughout the game there are artifacts that have been stolen from you by the evil witch Elza. Collect these artifacts to repair the unique trophy in your mansion. Each of the zones in Diggy Loot has a unique trophy room.

    tutorial (wiki): you can only jump one tile down safely. You can pass levels with 0 stars. You can disable a trap by walking over it, making an enemy walk over it or dropping a block on it. You need to pass all levels from the previous zone and get enough stars to unlock the next zone. Replaying a level doesn’t drain coffee. Tap on dirt to remove it. use hints if you’re stuck.

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    7. tf52J14pKPqR44s - gift box
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    9. 92CH4UNwewCjDX3 - offline mode
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