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    Official site Durango Wild Lands cheat world: it seems like you were headed to a tamed island, but ended up on an unstable island. You need to return to the tamed island, but you’re probably not in the best physical condition. If you find yourself in need of energy, hunt a small animal to get some meat. Bare hands are okay in a pinch, but a weapon is much better. Always equip gear to improve your odds. Find some firewood to cook the meat. You can use stuff like leaves, logs, or branches. This isn’t a tamed island or a camp. YOu’ll have to make skewers, since there aren’t any cooking tools. You can use a branch to make a skewer. You need the right kind of clothes, even if they’re made of leaves. You must be on an unstable island.


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    Despite the danger, they have many resources. That’s why the pioneers who came before built camps to aid survival. Camps are where you prepare for exploration. You can simply relax, or craft simple tools. You can communicate long distances at a communication center. And also assigns missions to pioneers in different areas. While in a camp, you should be able to find storage used to place items for delivery. People from all over will ask you to place items they’ve requested in delivery storage. Send hack items to delivery storage when a cheat mission from an organization requires delivery. Camps display great examples of game theory. You’ll see how pioneers play the game in order to survive.

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    Camps contain many workbenches that can be used by anyone. Although there are some limitations. Anyone can use a camp’s workbenches if the benches levels match the island. Pioneers need to help each other to survive. Even if organizations hate each other, they must put that aside when at a camp. If you want to know how the world here works, follow the committee’s orders. If you prove your loyalty, you’ll receive a reward you won’t ever expect. On an Unstable island, Craters are the dots. Connect them all and you’ll understand the island. Craters are surrounded by an abundance of resources.
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    Skills (tap view details on a skill category to learn more about your skills): Ranged - takedown your enemy from afar. Ranged attacks expand the battlefield, allowing you to apply long-distance pressure on your foe. Facing stronger enemies at a distance will further improve your skills. Defense - a good defense can keep you from dying young. It also mitigates and occasionally prevents damage. Remember: what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Weapon crafting - the first shout of victory is blown from the bellows of the forge. Weapon crafting is the ability to help those who slash and break. The better the materials, the more destructive the product (tool, cooking tool crafting, axe, knife, blunt weapon, bow). Melee - keep friends close, but enemies closer. melee fights allow you to dominate an opponent up close and in a small area. Facing stronger targets will earn you more experience.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: exhausted - you overworked yourself and are exhausted. Fatigue must return to the tired state in order to resume activity. Offensive expressions, such as profanity and derogatory phrases may get you reported. Dejected - energy consumption increases due to the disappointment of failure. Life and stamina are spent during combat. They are the fighting only equivalent of health and energy.

    tutorial (wiki): dirty - the dirt on your body is distracting and uncomfortable, increasing fatigue. Washed - washing not only helps you stay clean and makes the heat bearable, it also lessens fatigue. COmbat will end if no damage is taken in the next 8 seconds. A building must be completely within your domain to be protected. Any difference in level between the island and your character will influence fatigue. A domain will become yours once you declare one at a place of your choosing.

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