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    Official site Rocket Valley Tycoon cheat world: hello, boss! I’m cheat-on, at your service. Welcome to new game, the valley of the space age! I’m here to help you start your rocket business, achieve fantabulous profits and send people to colonize space in your own, amazing rockets. First thing on our list is to build an extractor! The tile you selected shows which raw material will be extracted. By building extractors, you are able to gather raw materials, which are the basis for making top notch rockets. By default extracted materials are stored and are ready to be transferred. Let’s create a factory now!


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    Factories transform materials into new components. Select the wood factory to process the raw wood. Later more factories will become available. The wood factory automatically takes raw wood from the neighboring extractor and produces wood. That’s the basics! Extractors gather raw materials from the tile under them and factories take materials and create components.

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    Welcome to our city! Life here can be very eventful, so we will be needing your help! We will request resources and in exchange we will reward you with coins and city xp. When you have enough XP you can upgrade the city, which in turn will boost the whole area coin production. Also when you complete a city request, the friendship level increases, unlocking new resources in the area. Upgrade the city or use techpoints to increase your earnings. To transfer resources you will need a train network.
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    Train stations are used to create trains and as waypoints for your trains. To create a route for your train you will need another train station. Tracks connect train stations! Let’s connect our two new train stations. Don’t worry about building over resources, you will have access to plenty. Extractors level affects how many resources can be extracted per second. Slider controls if the produced resources are going to be sold or stored. You can also turn the building off. You can upgrade the level to extract more resources each second.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: if you need to give a temporary boost you can tap the boost button repeatedly. Each tap makes the extractor produce extra resources. If you want to purchase multiple upgrades, use the purchase multiplier toggles. Factories produce based on how many resources they have stored and their level. The production storage holds raw woods resources that are ready to be processed by the wood factory. When you increase the factory level, the required resources are also increased.

    Rocket Valley Tycoon tutorial (wiki): study the tech tree carefully - it will show you in which order you’ll need to gather, process and combine your materials. Technologies that have been unlocked have their resource icon. Newly unlocked technologies are indicated by a (!) icon. To unlock a technology you need to produce all its required resources. For example, to unlock the carbon factory, you will need to have a water extractor and a coal extractor. You can also get more info about resources. In info panel you can see how much the wood factory costs, the required resources to produce and the sell value of created products.

    Secrets (note): smartex technology enhances your cities, buildings and trains. SOme smartex can even completely change how things work. The smartex packs that you have available are stored here. Drag and drop them in the test tube to reveal their content. Library - here you can see all smartex currently available and how many you own.

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