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    Official site Masala Madness Cooking cheat world: hello and welcome to new android game! My name is cheat-on and we are going to cook delicious Indian food around the world. Yeee i am so excited. Let’s get started with American fame. Ah, it’s nothing! Let’s get to cooking as soon as possible. Iur first customer - she wants a Vada-pav. Let's start preparing. Tap on Pav to put it on table, and on Raw vada to start frying.


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    Nicely done! Now let’s wait till the vada is fried. The vada is now cooked and the color looks perfect! Now pick up the cooked Vada, and drag it on plate to assemble it! Well, well, look at that! Your first dish is ready to serve. Pick the Vada-pav, and drag it to the customer! Well done chef! Tap on gold coins to collect it. Ah! A new customer wanting a hot cup of masala Chai. Wait until the cup is filled. Pick the Chai, and drag it to the customer.

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    Well earned chef! Let’s put that money into some kitchen upgrades. Let’s try upgrading Chai Dispenser. Tap on equipment tab. Tap on upgrade button to purchase it. Lots of upgrades are available to keep the ambience beautiful and lively. Let’s give our customer a pleasant and comfortable experience. Let’s select the menu board.
    Masala Madness Cooking gift box
    Tap here to purchase the menu board. Your first order is free of charge. Looks like we have to wait for the item to be delivered. Let’s entertain ourself with a video to reduce waiting time, hack cheats code or gems make it in instant. You are on a roll chef! The more the upgrades, the better experience points you get. So play more and upgrade more.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: madness is getting hyped day by day. Time to cook something new for the customers. Tap on Masala Pav, raw veggies to cook. Drop the cooked veggies into masala pav. Oh look, what we have. A food warmer! It keeps the food warm and don’t burn. Now tap on raw veggies to cook. A little more time and we will have an extra veggie prepared.

    Rocket Valley Tycoon tutorial (wiki): pick cooked veggies, and drop it into the food warmer. Oops it happens to everyone. Drag the burn food in the bin. Note trashing anything costs you money! Drop the ingredient to dustbin. Power up and unleash the madness. Variety of customers to serve. Travel and become a world chef.

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