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    Hacked cheats red three kingdoms android

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    • premium lucky draw - 6EEu8s. Draw uses cubic, but it has a better chance of getting a hero card compared to the normal lucky draw;

    • free vip point - gr45ws;

    • dumpling - 9ioyr8;

    • evolve hero - 6gtw09;

    • runes - htr7jo;

    • legendary hero - greg32;

    red three kingdoms android hack

    Select your starting hero: Guan Yu - close defense, general of the Shu, courtesy name Yunchang, a powerful hero with cleverness; Cao Cao - medium rage utility, courtesy name Mengde, king of Wu with extraordinary talent; Zhang Fei - close offense, a dauntless hero making bold attacks;

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    Xiahou - standoff offense, raised military prestige along side Cao; Ma Chao - high martial prestige; Dian Wei - with distinguished skills in martial arts and loyal nature; Taishi Ci - a hero red three kingdoms that possess martial talent and wisdom.

    You can receive daily reward a weekly rewards by participating in the Battle Zone. You can easily hunt by using the Auto mode. Quick clear operation is open when you clear 3 starts in the adventure. When you collect and equip all runes red three kingdoms, you will get a rank upgrade and acquire a passive skill. In case encounter a powerful opponent, it may be advantageous to switch to a manual control mode. You can receive the attendance reward once a day, when you access. The rewards list changes every month, so make sure to attend regularly to acquire your desired reward.

    To nurture your hero red three kingdoms, you need either an EP potion or gold equivalent to the Ep potion.

    how to enter cheats red three kingdoms

  • how and where enter
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