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    Official site Concert Kings cheat world: welcome, you might want to put on headphones so you can hear me. This is a world wide band battle competition, where contestants can earn treasure and fame. Come on, let’s turn on the lights! On your stage you can do many cool thing like change the light to blue. You can make flames, lightning, and even change camera shots to make your own music video. It’s time to pick your first performer.


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    Meet Luna. She’s a little rough around the edges, but make no mistake, she’s got talent. What’s a musician without a good instrument? Let’s get Luna some drums. Luna may be quirky, but her passion for music is undeniable. She is as quick to tap out a beat as she is to discuss the latest alien abductions. Far from a homebody, her dream has always been to travel the world and solve the greatest conspiracies, which is why you’ll find her browsing odd forums late at night.

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    Store - this is where you buy instruments. Let’s learn how to battle for gear and swag. Bottom is your basic attack. It’s nothing special, but it’s always available. Pick which character to attack by tapping on them. let’s try your curse talent. Curse will keep on damaging your opponent for the next couple of turns. Keep attacking until the enemy runs out of health. Experience picks - you can earn them in battle, and use it to level up characters. It’s not just leveling that makes a character stronger. You can also upgrade their talents. Let’s check out the talent section.
    Concert Kings gift box
    Upgrading talents will run you a couple coins, but it’s worth it if you want to win. Talents: Curse - deals medium damage and rival continues to take a small amount of damage for 3 turns. Fluster - reduces defense on all rivals. Roar - deals a large amount of damage. Member 2: Joe - radiates confidence and is a natural leader who never back down from a challenge. He’s a true rocker at heart who lives for a life on a the road and partying hard. He likes to consider himself a ladies man, even if said ladies might say otherwise.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: effects - in this menu, you can customize your stage to put on a mind - blowing show for your fans. Pyrotechnics section - you can turn flames on during your timeline. hit the play button to preview what you’ve changed. I think you’ve learned the basics. keep on touring the world, earn items, and level up your characters.

    Concert Kings tutorial (wiki): collect clothing, effects, and instruments to increase your fame! Don’t be afraid to go back to previous cities to win more items and earn more picks if you get stuck. Follow the story, upgrade your talents, tour the globe and get famous, style your stage, produce hit singles. and customize your performers.

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