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    Official site Samkok Z cheat world: at the end of the eastern Han Dynasty, the country was torn part. War was everywhere. People were plunged into misery and suffering. A young man with a silver spear riding a white horse passed a village that had just been robbed. Following the crying, he found a baby in the ruins. The young man rode all his way to a city, with the baby in this arms. The lord adopt you and raised you as his own child.


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    Thanks to the gods’ blessing the place has been beyond the reach of war for years. The people live and work in peace and happiness. I’m too old to change the world. I hope you can achieve what i failed to do. My lord, we are surrounded by the yellow turban army. They are planning to attack please give orders. Main general decides maximum troop. Appoint heroes with high LEA as your main general to bring more soldiers into battle. We won, but the remnants still make a force to be reckoned with. My lord, we need more men and strategists to deal with them. We need to build a talent hall to headhunt for them.

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    Characters: Prophet - holds strong ice thunder power, can simply cause a wide range damage to enemy. Her swift moves allow her to travel freely in battle. Ranger - has faster atk speed and strong ability, at the same time of cause damage to enemy. Ranger also can get out of it. Swordsman - is a natural superior fighter, strong body makes him extremely suitable for further fighting the enemy. When facing strong enemy, swordsman also can axert extraordinary strength.
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    The higher a hero’s CHR, the more likely he is to find rare heroes.Enemies dare not attack any more after the battle, but they still won’t leave. We need more supplies and soldiers if we are to chase them away. Many things are waiting to be done in the city. General has left a guide. Follow its guidance to build up and defend the city. Our city needs to be rebuilt. We should focus on construction and development.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: palace is the core of the city. It decides building level cap and available land cap. Upgrading the palace increases the number of hero you could have an unlocks more positions. Tap details for more info. The barracks is the place where infantries are trained. You may upgrade it to increase the number of soldiers trained at one time and unlock more powerful soldiers.

    Samkok Z tutorial (wiki): you can’t fight without enough provision. Develop farmlands to win stable provision supply, making daily training possible. Upgrade farmlands to improve output and storage cap. In the city, you could manage progress of all functions through “progress”, including upgrading buildins, training soldiers, researching techs and managing queues.

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