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    . Free cheats code list Rappelz The Rift - rupees, job point, upgrade cube, materials, consumables, epic weapon, legendary gear, draw chest, gacha ticket, wiki, tutorial. Tips to repair durability, fix error communication with the server, bugs, lags, crashes.

    Official site Rappelz The Rift cheat world: use the directional pad to follow the track. Touch the dialogue button to receive or complete the quest. Take your weapon at the north driving range. You can also check to see if you have the weapon you received. Press the interaction button to investigate the weapon cradle. Skills: Waltz of insanity - attack the designated target (if you attack a monster, damage will be applied around the target as well). Current effects - inflicts with a total of 4 hits with 310% of magical attack +10 magical damage.


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    Quick carnage - move towards the designated target in a split second and stund the target for 2 seconds. Symphony of obsession - inflict wide range damage. Can move around during inflicting, and immune to the behavioral state control. Flash - inflict thunderstroke damage to the designated target. The target will be paralyzed for 2 seconds. Shining cross - inflict wide range damage to the designated target by applying the magic square.

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    Characters: warrior - gaia is a courageous warrior who wields a pair of axes on his enemies in an instant based on his natural strength. Assassin - asura is a master of the battlefield who secretly sneaks enemies in the distance. Priest - Deva is a divine apostle who gives judgment before the enemy can reach it with the divine power granted to him. Dark magician - witch is a fierce berserker who ranks enemies with enigmatic weapon positions and cursed magical powers.
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    Dimension: agni - it is the dimension of those who worship the God Agnesi of Fire. They hope that the spark of God in anger purifies the whole world. Morian - they believe that only the benevolent earthly blessing can save the world. Darkness - this level, made up of dark and stealthy, entrusts the body to the dark for victory. Astral - it is the hope of those who belong to this dimension that all dimensions can enjoy the glory of light. AI Karas- i firmly believe that their desire will be a force to win the war. Ehah - just as water is important to life, the providence of the world they believe will be made by water.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: strengthen the character’s attribute with the creature cards collected. Use potions to increase continuous combat! You can check remaining potions and use. You can do various activities to increase equipment skill in the equipment window. When smelting all, everything will be smelted until all materials are consumed.

    Samkok Z tutorial (wiki): equipment smelting is the easiest method to increase CP. Try equipment smelting when you feel your enemies are too strong. Materials - is used for armor upgrade above upgrade level 1. You can obtain higher material through fuse. Dungeon contents will be unlocked after quest is cleared.

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    8. jsmyuHB5GEeGFXr - draw chests
    9. OL8ohUGlOKedaLY - gacha ticket
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