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    Official site Lane Girls cheat world: in the distant future, because of an unknown reason, a high dimension creature called the deep sea come into being on the earth. It’s evil in nature and schemes to exterminate all human beings and seize the world. However, when the deep sea is born, another mysterious power - warship hime also appear to maintain the justice. Warship hime have a mystic mechanical life form. Under normal conditions, they have the shape of a common human girl and have the consciousness and personality of human beings, but when engaged in a battle, they would transform into ancient warships. To protect their homeland, human beings ally with warship hime to fight evil deep sea. A long and tough journey starts...


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    Tap shift to switch ship position and share front row damage. Tap charge to add special effects to ships. Charge circle shrinks automatically. Take the opportunity to tap (anywhere of the screen) to charge the ship. Tap summon to see the next warship himes you will get. Girls are ready, tap battle to start the journey with the Admiral. Tap stage icon to view stage details, and start to enter array interface. Then tap the warship hime you want to deploy.

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    Characters: Archer - extremely adept at energy conversion, and after death her body’s turbid energy will produce a power shock. Skills: shirpboard attack, energy deal, desperate strike, stab. Assassin - she’s a maid and a foodie, but she has no gift for cooking. She’s highly sophisticated in battle and has extraordinary understanding of naval wars. Skills: artillery, determination, dodge, crit enhancement.
    Lane Girls gift box
    Submarine is less defensive and can be defeated easily on the front row. Slide to change their positions. Different warship himes prefer different gifts. Pay attention when you’re sending gifts. Each stage clearance removes one layer of Boss seal. YOu can challenge the Boss when it’s unsealed. Tap ships to enter ship details interface. Tap level up hack to spend fleet exp to upgrade the ship.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: wishing pool of the port grants you free attempt every day. Don’t forget to make a wish. You will get better earnings for using recommended warship himes in resources battle. Take the opportunity in the battle to change array may bring unexpected effect to you. Each team of legion trials can deploy 2 troops.

    Samkok Z tutorial (wiki): you can view the status of landmark blueprints from blueprint tab in the city status. Level is the primary produce force. Go to buy some stamina energy. Mystery store sells surprise items. Don’t hesitate to buy them. Tap the avatar to preview rage skill effect. Level up hack - higher level indicates more powerful abilities.

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    7. mFVoJtRzqA5xCAM - gift box
    8. o29W0O7URLGnScL - draw scroll
    9. RT30p4Ey7KvYieA - admiral talents
    10. vDctbKmaQFm0XSN - premium pack
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