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    Official site Era of Angels cheat world: in the deepest recesses of hell, the seal on Nibelung, the Archdemon of destruction, has broken and he has begun to stir. The revival of the Archdemon will bring destruction to the world. Only you can stop him. Drag the joystick to move your character toward the target ahead. Tap to activate Angel. Experience a powerful BR surge and quickly defeat the dragon.


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    The archdemon weren’t slain by the warrior, it has just been sealed away temporarily. As darkness closed in, the Celestials looked to their greatest champions. Fight to create a new era. The angels are choosing warriors to help them slay demons. With the guidance of the angels, there is hope of us defeating the demons. The king’s continent is the stronghold where mankind defends itself against the demons. From here our warrior sets forth on his journey to slay the Archdemon under the guidance of the Angels.

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    Characters: archer - are defenders of the natural order. Their enemies fall before these sharpshooters deadiv bows and arrows. Mages - are masters of elemental energies. Armed with their staves, they deal lethal damage to their enemies form afar through fantastical spells.
    Tricks: new equipment equipped BR has increased. Follow the main quest and complete the first chapter to unlock an Angel. Yo have an important mission to complete. You need to collect every angelic power, kill the Archdemon, and save the world.
    Era of Angels gift box
    The skill runs system unlocks after your character reaches its fourth promotion. You need to be stronger to investigate the demon lair. I’ll guide you to find great power and teach you how to quickly improve your strength. Bonus hall - don’t miss out on the massive bonuses to be gained in the bonus hall. Instance: TThe demon’s lair - he forests surrounding a mysterious den shrouded in magical energies have all withered. The black ground is littered with white bones, and from the midst of the den one can faintly see the silhouettes of Innumerable demonic monsters.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: massive rewards can be gained in the rewards hall. Both signing in and leveling up grant rewards. Remember to sign in every day to claim rewards.Signing in for 28 consecutive days grants materials for send gen wings. Follow the main quests to unlock angel transformation. By transforming into the angel of the SUn, you can experience the power of angels and quickly kill demon soldiers.

    tutorial (wiki): transform into an angel and speed up monster slaying to rapidly level up. HP and MP potions are vital and should always be brought into. Online rewards - the longer you play, the more prizes you can draw. You can draw 6 times a day, each draw has a 100% chance of winning. Equipping equipment not only increases attributes, it also changes characters.

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