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    Official site Star Summoners cheat world: welcome to the Tinia planes. I’m your guide Cheat-on! Let me introduce you this place. Legend says, the war of creation that created our world has destroyed all the elemental seas. And after millions years of evolution, remains of sea the giant see creatures transformed into floating plateaus. Anyhow, that’s all in the past. Let’s start our control lessons.


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    Open summoner altar - is one of the Eternal dragon’s miracles. With the power of magical stones and crystals it can open a tunnel through the river of time and summon spirits. Summoners can summon new spirits with enigma stones. The star sages truly believe in you and have sent you the enigma stone. Battles are not won by brawny men or strong women on the battlefield, it’s the tactics of the summoner that brings out victory. Now we are going to start lesson 2: spirit battles.

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    Press battle, this is the void. Void contains millions of planes. Every plane is a unique world with its own unique rules. Corelium - it consists of 6 regions. Completing each region will award you with reward. Clear all 6 regions to unlock sea of tears. Let’s take a look at the first stage: endless forest. Endless forest has 6 stages. Clear them all and you will get a precious spirits reward, and will unlock gold guardian raid dungeon.
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    Press the deck to select spirits. A colored arrow shows if your spirit has an advantage. Powering up spirits to increase their levels and stats. Spirits can be strengthened in the spirit gym. To build your own spirit gym just buy one from the shop.
    Skills: butterfly cut - attacks the enemy 2 times, decreasing its defense if you land a critical hit. Forbidden circle - attacks the enemy and remove all beneficial effects. Angel’s blessing - creates shield on all allies, that lasts for 2 turns and absorbs damage proportionate to 15% of the enchantress’s max HP. A shield is created to absorb a fixed amount of damage. Arcane light - attacks the enemy with an arcane bullet. The bullet is charged with a mage’s sloth spell and has a 70% chance to decrease the enemy’s attack power for 1 turn.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: mystical stone can summon spirits, can summon natural 3-5 stars Wind, fire and water spirits. A kind of rare item. Don;t forget the element pairs, which elements are strong us one another and which are weak. Using a spirit of same name to power up or evolution, will level up one random skill by 1 grade. Story missions can help you to strengthen battle skills and train spirits. Press forward to open missions. Ether flowers can absorb elemental energy and produce mana stones.

    tutorial (wiki): clear stroy areas to unlock new features. Farm essence in elite team dungeons, awaken your spirits. Pay attention to the elemental relationships between spirits. Fire is strong against wind. he gains an increased critical hit rate and chance to apply a harmful effect. EXp spirit used as a power up material, granting large amount of EXP. After evolving the XP amount also increases. Rice cakes are great power up materials, use them to level up your spirits.

    Star Summoners Spirits: Helen - is one of the most powerful support spirits in all the void lands. She can recover all allies’ attack bar when she scores a crit hit. Richard Archimonde - is great at dealing damage. The higher his critical hit range, the higher his rate to ignore defense.
    Note: gold guardian is Endless forest’s main stage. The monsters there quite strong, just like a mouthful of wasabi, they don’t stop attacking until you’re given them a real battle. We need to create a party to defeat them. The air here is full of elemental energy and spirits can gain more experience during the battle. In raid battle, a pirit with AOE skills can save the time.

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