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    Official site Pokemon Tekken MonsterSaga cheat world: role introduction - a trainer born in a pallet town, he was determined to be a champion when he was just a teenager. His dream came true after countless trials, never give up in the face of setbacks is his lifelong belief. Welcome to Pallet towm. I am professor cheat-on who specializes in pokemon. You can call me Boss. The world is full of love and miracles, and all kinds of characters live in harmony with humanity, creating a beautiful living environment together.


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    However, this is just old times. There are all sorts of hidden undercurrents in today’s beautiful world, and there is an urgent need for courageous trainers to reverse the future. This Pichu, which has inherited the will, will be given to you as a gift. It will be a powerful help on your journey. Now you have lost the memory of that glorious time and become a blank sheet, but the infinite in you will lead us to counterattack the disaster.

    Pokemon Tekken MonsterSaga cheats android, ios hack codes


    Heroes can be evolved as soon as they reach a certain level! Different character evolutions require different levels. After successful evolution, a pokemon’s stats will be greatly improved. Evolution is an important way to cultivate characters! Remember to use it when you can. You can get mysterious items after defeating enemies. Spend diamond hack for double the chance to get good monster hero.
    Pokemon Tekken MonsterSaga gift box
    As a qualified trainer, naturally you cannot rely on one character to explore the world. As a trainer, naturally you need to bring a variety of pokemon. Press and hold the hero avatar, then drag it to change the battle order. More hero, more power! When you get a good pokemon, remember to take it to battle. Upgrade- tap to select automatically. The system will automatically select a suitable pokemon for you to upgrade.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can change your battle hero and make the best use of their various attributes to fight. NPCs you’ve defeated already can be auto looted to quickly gain items and exp. Fortifying character can quickly increase their attributes. it is also the most direct upgrade method. Equip powerful skills to overcome powerful enemies.

    tutorial (wiki): when fighting, you can fight more pertinently by switching teammates. The teleport function allows you to quickly complete your quests. Devouring different Pokemon brings lots of experience for upgrades. Victory over the wild characters offers a certain probability for pokemon egg. Skills can be upgraded by consuming skill stones. Put the skills you just leaned into the skill bar.

    Skills: Spark - surrounds caster with a great amount of electricity and charges its enemies dealing damage to them. Eerie impulse - generates an eerie impulse from caster’s body, dealing a certain amount of damage.

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