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    Official site Knights Chronicle cheat world: This is the story of an ordinary boy protecting a crumbling planet and becoming a hero. This tale began several years ago. Dear reincarnating spirit, this universe has neither Heaven nor hell. We are all a part of this world, and we are all of this world. Through reincarnation, we understand each other and learn that we are no different from each other. Here, some people fight to protect their loved ones. Some live only to satisfy their bottomless greed.


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    And some struggle to realize their own ideals. Everything, every thought, every ides, and every possibility is contained within this planet, and within yourself. And we will be following a boy on this planet. I fear that great danger approaches Garniel. Please, remember my name is cheat-on. I am a being created by the goddess Lady Garniel. Tap the attack command on the bottom of the status display and the hero will attack. Tap the defend command to increase the hero’s DEF! Defending will pass the turn to the next hero.

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    Heroes: Mary - a dark knight, the highest tier of the knights from the grand duchy of Delcart. A free spirited woman, she places great importance on her personal privacy so most of what’s known about her is speculation. Nemesis - a dark knight, she’s straight forward, positive, and even reckless. She loves fighting and battle, and she uses her instincts and judgment to lead herself to victory. Ashley - he comes across as boisterous and careless, but is an excellent strategist and is skilled at playing mind games.
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    You can use skills when you attack enemies. Touch and hold the skill icon to see the skill info. Skills: continuum blade - is used to deal with multiple targets. Inflict damage equal to 120% of ATk to all enemies. Blackened fighting spirit - increases the caster’s critical strike chance by 30% for 2 turns. Use a hero with an elemental advantage to deal more damage to powerful enemies. Tap the element icon to check the elemental info. Damage +30% to heroes of the element that the arrow points to.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: evolve your heroes to increase their max level. Heroes don’t have to be at max level to be evolved. YOu can evolve heroes immediately using hero evolution hack. Unlock heroes talent to gain access to powerful abilities. Strengthen them to fit the situation. Elemental advantages will help deal bonus damage. Take advantage of this to swing the battle in your favor.

    tutorial (wiki): get your first time clear rewards by clearing stages in adventure. You can select a helper to aid you on your adventure. Obtained currency is collected immediately, and obtained items are sent to your inbox. You can configure your cheat, screen rotation in the settings. If you use your entry counts, use your tickets to refresh your entry counts.

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