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    Official site Blue Marble M cheat world: i will now tell you about the basic rules of the game. First you need to decide who goes first. The person to go first gets to roll the dice first. In the game, you throw 2 dice and move as many spaces indicated by the dice. Touch and hold the dice button and release it roll. But before you throw the dice, you need to learn more about critical effects. If dice button shines bright, that means a critical dice was activated.


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    In critical state, can move the exact amount of spaces that the gauge stopped on. At both ends of the gauge is the danger zone. You won’t be able to properly control the dice in that zone, so be careful when you roll the dice. If both dice show the same number, then you can throw the dice one more time. If the city in which you arrive is empty, then you can purchase the land. In the game, my cities are indicated with site panel.

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    Characters: Alice - is a cute troublemaker. She loves her rabbit toy and carries it around all day. Sometimes it might seem as if she uses it for stress relief, but that is just an optical illusion. Donky - this little knight’s biggest worry is his small stature. Donky believes that he will be getting a fancy armor for Christmas, and has placed a huge sock in his living room. Miho - this charming nurse happens to be the legendary nine tailed fox. Rumor has it that she dances with her tail when she’s happy. It might be fun to see if she really has 9 tails. Lye - this cute little boy is the descendant of ferocious werewolves. Lye claims that he hates when someone tries to pat his head, but his tail seems to tell a different story.
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    After purchasing the land, you can build villas, buildings, and hotels at the same time. Once are done, you can also build landmarks. The further the cities are from the start point in a clockwise direction, more cost and the higher their toll. Touch a city that you want to see, and you can view its details. There are a total of 4 tour site, one in each line. You can upgrade tour site by constructing buildings.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: purchase all 4 tour site, you get the tour site monopoly. The tour site monopoly completes the landmarks in all your cities, and upgrades your tour site to the highest level. The space travel space allows you to select and move to a space of your choosing on your next turn. If you land on the island, you cannot move for 3 turns. But if you roll the dice and get a double or use a radio transceiver, or you can pay a fee to escape from the island before your three turns are up.

    tutorial (wiki): dice of heroes is strategy board game that utilizes heroes. Go on a journey around dice of heroes with the frog fan. Collaboration characters can be obtained in challenge mode. There are several events happening on the island like a pirate and treasure chest as well. Make sure you use them strategically. If you use the industrial revolution, you can increase your city’s toll! When you arrive at the start point, you receive a salary. powerful star point events also appear. Ruins events are events that are activated in special cities and affect the opponent. Select the opponent and activate the effects, so use them to your tactical advantage.

    Start point events are powerful events that affect the whole board. There’s a whole variety of different events and the industrial revolution is just one of them. Use them well for your victory strategy. In traveling city, various modes of transportation appear. They can take you to the start point, ruins, or to space travel, depending on their type. The destinations are listed below, so check them out whenever you need them. When you land in your city, you can upgrade it.

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    1. zz3KbECAfZYCqSp - salary
    2. iF2lv5oI6ZUpQuG - double
    3. WgImPH3R41KbQhW - increase city’s toll
    4. UMCfEme9BJl4bX3 - industrial revolution
    5. K3Ta4onvG3T0rMs - g-key
    6. WM5ouk0WFEF3Bbb - wing
    7. hOkfkqWUEVYfs0V - draw
    8. U5MsfKoFnEnMtd3 - gift box
    9. e4PKNy2rS4nAaIx - ballon
    10. J52gyISFi9bQOtp - gold
    11. dFsYzbmmNI0FlFo - diamonds crystal
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