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    Official site Skylanders Ring of Heroes cheat world: in Skylands, endless battles were going on between a group who wants to rule Skylands with kaos as a leader and a group of Skylanders trying to stop them. Skylands seemed to come to a peace with the help of Master Eon and Skylanders, but the peace only lasted for a short time, and a new threat was coming towards Skylands. Kaos implemented a plan to take over the portals and rule Skylands with the dark power of Book of dark magic.


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    But the power of dark went beyond Kaos’ expectation and the portals went out of control, creating a giant rift of dimensions. The rift of dimension caused things from another world to be drawn to Skylands, having Portal masters of earth also landed on skylands. Greetings, new portal master! I know everything doesn’t make sense to you right now, but we can’t waste another minute to explain all right now! Please be on our side to defeat these villains! Hugo, please help out our new portal master!

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    We truly appreciate your help. The rift of dimensions you’ve come through has all been closed. You can only go back to Earth by opening the rift. If you retrieve the Book of dark magic that Kaos has, you can open up the rift and go back to Earth. So, please go after kaos and help us out. The first thing i’m gonna ask you to do is to explore the Shattered island. Of course, i’m not asking you to go alone. Don’t worry. I, the master of adventure, will help you out! Let’s find Kaos all together.
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    Adventure - like you came here because the balance of dimensions have collapsed, these islands are also from other dimensions. We’ve been investigating where they are from and what kind of islands are there all this time. Until Villains interrupt! It’s our goal to find out why they are here. Let’s chase after Kaos and solve other new problems. Let’s go to the singing forest that’s occupied by Chompies first. We need a team to go on an adventure together.

    let me tell you about the Skylanders’ stats! The adventure allows the Skylanders to level up. They’ll have better stats as they level up. There are 4 different types of characters, which are: attack, defense, support, professional types. Attack types are specialized in attacking and defense types are specialized in defense. Support types assist other characters included in the team while professional types have specialty in various fields. YOu can acquire soul stones from the shop, through adventures and even exchanges. The Skylanders have various types of ability stats. And their ability stats are decided based on their characteristics. These stats are the ones required for the battles such as attack and defense, definition and evasion, etc. Among all, Endurance is the most important stats. because Endurance enables heroes to bear the enemy’s attack better.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: tap skill button to use a skill. You have to check the cooldown time and mana when using a skill. The cooldown time is the time remaining until you can use the skill again. When the remaining time reaches o, the skill button is activated. Mana will be consumed whenever you use a skill and automatically recharged.

    Skylanders Ring of Heroestutorial (wiki): sky island - your new home. You’ll be able to build various types of buildings that you need here. Buildings can be purchased from the shop. Buildings can be purchased in the building tab. Each building has its own unique function. You can use it by tapping the building. YOu can summon heroes from the soul stone summoning menu. You need soul stones in order to summon a character.

    Skylanders Ring of Heroes Note, tricks: each hero has 3 skills. You can remove skills by tapping the unequip button. After selecting the skills, you can tap the screen to end. Now that you’ve selected a skill, tap the save button to save changes. Reserved skills can be used automatically when it’s your turn. You can see the skills you reserved at the skill registration bar. You can also check both you and your opponent's turns. The characters will attack in order based on the skills reserved at the skill registration bar. Proceed with the battle while paying close attention to the order.

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    4. 8SYAI9COyQi9Pog - level up
    5. vg0Rs4taAB76BD9 - upgrade
    6. 4N42G6CSbP6kmPt - gift box
    7. jZWd1s4pDsuTxSm - evolve
    8. fnSvla6VzjHZIEB - awaken
    9. RH7Ov2CRKEXuZXu - rune
    10. GPsH8sNjLWhKN0n - gold
    11. PkhcXq0zBxkvXYt - almighty
    12. qcWQgoBWH9Cpoih - gear
    13. oyhcQ6svlgcDrol - diamonds gem
    14. nWGLmt0pbSLGSql - crystal
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