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    Official site Giants War cheat world: finally, you’re awake. Where i am? The southwestern end of the coast. I’ve come all this way to witness the awakening. Hello master, my name is cheat-on, i was deployed to assist you. All this must be new to you, it will be difficult for you to understand without me guiding you along the way. You must develop your knowledge and have a good command of your skills, as all good masters should.


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    But do you not know anything? I suspected this would happen. Your memories have been erased. You’ve spent a long time in exile under the seas to gain your abilities. In the process, your personal memories and will to become a master have all been lost. It’s like exchanging each memory for an ability. Despite all this, it’s your duty to venture out into this world and expand your knowledge. Master, the time has come for you to begin your mission. Fear not! I am always by your side.

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    i will do my very best to guide you all the way. Just then, an eerie shriek can be heard from a distance. Suddenly, a group of hideous monsters popped out of the sea and began rushing ashore. Listen carefully, master. There’s not enough time to open the base portal. Summon a bodyguard quickly. As beaming lights pour out from the scroll, a warrior emerges from the brightness. The summoned warrior overpowered the invading monsters with ease. Monsters have fled. All that’s left is the warrior and his fairy.
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    I’m glad there was a guardian to help you out. YOu are frail and incompetent when it comes to battle. Leave the fighting to these guys. Masters won’t have to directly get involved if a combat unit is summoned. This place is teeming with Mermen and Naga, so let’s move somewhere else for now. There’s a secret hideout for masters. We can use the base portal to go there. Try opening a portal. As a master, this is your second ability. After putting a lot of focus into cheat-on’s guidance, the air began to shudder. Soon after, a mysterious magical doorway appeared midair. This appears to be the base portal that leads to the secret hideout.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: tbase - you will conduct your operations here from now on. The maximum level of hero’s skills are improved during rank up or evolution. Finishers are powerful skills that can only be used once by a single hero. You can craft high grade items by collecting 5 identical equipment items. Press the auto skills and attack speed increase button for easier gameplay.

    tutorial (wiki): heroes equipped with 6 different item sets are eligible for rank up. Equip your heroes with items and develop them. YOur master level is an indication of your leadership abilities. The higher your level gets, the more things you’ll be able to do. YOu are now able to manage the skills of your heroes. If a hero ranks up after it has been fully equipped with all 6 items, then its skill level limit will also increase.
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