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    Official site Age of Ships II cheat world: the battle for the sea has always been the main theme of the world wars since the age of discovery. Since the beginning of the 20th century, new warships had been built as technology advanced. From the shore to the ocean, deep sea to the sky, the scale and influence of the naval warfare had been growing continuously. All nations had their eyes on the important seas, routes and islands. Now, let’s go back to back to the war era and experience those classic naval battles.


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    Dear commander, this is our base. We will start from here and build you fleet. You can construct new battleship in the shipyard. It has great defense. Advanced construction consumes diamonds, but produces better ships. You have obtained lots of resources from the battle. Take a look at enemy formations, you need to know your enemy. Enemy ships have fromed a line - use battleship’s characteristics to attack horizontally and defeat them.

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    Ships: Nelson - great tank, excellent defense, chance to regenerate HP. Skill: emergency repair - chance to trigger when being attacked. Recover HP equal to 5% of maximum HP immediately. Exeter - good at igniting enemy ships, excellent single target damage dealer. The cruiser attack with guns. It launches multiple attacks on a single target.
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    The battleship attacks with guns. It can attack 3 enemies: the target, and those above and below the target. The submarine attacks with torpedoes. It launches multiple attacks on a single target, and will receive reduced damage from guns. Attacks with guns. It attacks the target, and adjacent enemy ships above and below the target. Attack with carrier based aircraft - it attacks the target and the enemy ships behind it. Attacks with guns - it launches multiple attacks on a single target. Torpedos - it will attack the target in front first, and deal extra damage against submarines. And will attack the target in front first, and receive reduced damage from guns.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: sign in and get lots of rewards everyday. Daily quest - great rewards and faster leveling. Privilege - rank privilege is entitled to daily rewards. You can synthesize a ship directly after having a certain number of its fragments. When all parts on the ship have been evolved - you can evolve the ship. The attributes of your ship will increase significantly after evolution. Ship evolution will improve the rarity of ship and unlock new tactics.

    tutorial (wiki): you need to upgrade the newly built ships so they become more powerful. Tap and hold the ship to put it in battle. The aircraft carrier will deal damage to the target and all ships in the same horizontal row. Tech will increase attributes of all ships. The more questions you answered correctly in the military trivia, the more crude oil you will receive.

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    1. VqgMuZ33Rf857Nl - crude oil
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    5. GuMnBGDCX3vh6kT - diamonds
    6. nnbPIltG0EeOP61 - advanced construction
    7. K1rQ47J9oQC8SrW - legendary ship
    8. 0xQeOvdTscgu6UO - raid
    9. BA0neW3wfA8sIWI - stars
    10. gRpU7WcCW5C4zVo - treasure chest
    11. 0J34WrsCRBL2XoA - gift box
    12. oUWrXQ7uF2w6Yp1 - monthly pass
    13. wquK6UusUtEv0sa - vip status
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