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    Official site Holy Ship Pirate Action cheat world: ye must be the new captain of my ship. Let me show you around these seas. Watch and learn. Enemies are everywhere, but yer ship can fight them automatically. This ship’s a beauty, and has many skills. Barrage fires all your cannons at once. Blast off - use it to jump out of trouble - or jump right into it. Blimey, we got ourselves our first real challenge. Bosses leave behind good loot.


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    A new cannon - that’ll improve yer ship’s auto attack damage. Hulls improve yer armor, which keeps yer ship from sinking. Your hero has sunk? Upgrade parts or return to port to make your ship stronger. Now you’re ready to send boss to the bottom of the sea. Sails improve yer ship’s skill damage. A new skill - keep leveling up to get more of them.

    Holy Ship Pirate Action cheats android, ios hack codes


    Skills: barrage - fire cannons on all sides. Big cannon - shoot a large piercing cannonball shot. Blast off - jumps and knocks enemies back. Precision strike - chance to trigger on attack, launches 2 consecutive attacks, the second attack will deal 50% damage, and target will enter Confusion. Confusion - takes 20% more damage, lasts 6 seconds.
    Holy Ship Pirate Action gift box
    Functional campaign are more difficult, but they give better rewards. You have a chance to get a ship fragment in every fictional campaign. Tap to check the level’s weather conditions: a sunny day is suitable for battle. The ship attributes will be unaffected. Clear weather won’t have any negative impact on your fleet, but large waves, rain, snow, and thunderstorms will affect the fleet’s attributes to some extent.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: complete the quest below to be promoted to the regular army, and start your journey to the world. Kings duel - complete for the greatest honor in the arena of fleets. Winning a challenge will bring you lots of points. Increase your tier and receive more rewards. Defeated ships in ocean expedition will not be able to enter battle again in the current challenge.

    tutorial (wiki): challenge a certain number of times per day to receive rewards. Lord of the sea is limited time event. You can challenge different exercise everyday. Treasure in the water? Swipe to look around your ship. Crew - collect enough contracts and you’ll be able to upgrade them. Crew are loyal: you’ll never lose them, and they make your ship extra strong. Collect them all.

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    1. GFqgw2YOF634j1K - crew seal
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    4. eVjzeynE0OqK1Wl - upgrade
    5. 3GIbXS3Ty7NsOBU - skip
    6. 1Q8ozMSXwvBtY8N - level up
    7. 9Ruh7iAwzpKnYL7 - free spin
    8. TAqQJCrqduk1MxJ - new ship
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