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    Official site Frontline Warfare WW2 cheat world: hello commander. Now we start to first battle. Tap level to rejoin battles. Here we explain the basic combat operations. Our unit will automatically fight in the game, but in the process allows you to carry out corresponding movements and attacks. Please click on the unit head you want to control to select the unit. Then click ground to allow the unit to move to the location you specified. In the battle you can control the unit to back off the attack and other operations.


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    Commander, explain below how to release arms skills. Some skills need to attack the target, so they will enter the preparation phase when they are released, and they will be automatically released when they reach the release condition. Next we should recruit more troops. Battle units can join battles only after deployment. Tap barracks - here we can upgrade troop’s power.

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    Weapon packs are tailored for the combat situations you’ll be facing. Choose one and we’ll head to the briefing room. Combat tasks - coming every day in your hangar to perform a couple of successful operation in your tank, do not forget to pick up a box of supplies. Easy task - try to see the enemy tank before you will be noticed, otherwise the outcome of the battle might not be in your lavor. Hard task - our sector is placed under fire with enemy artillery.
    Frontline Warfare WW2 gift box
    Use auto recharge to auto buy spent equipment after a fight. If you’ll sell a tank, and then buy it again - its progress will continue. Buy a lighting shell to light up the area in the fog for one round. Click on the flashing cell on the battlefield to set the target point for the light rocket. Earn money in a battle and buy various additional equipment. Buy intuition to know that you were detected.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the elite check points can not only produce grade - grading materials for military upgrades, but also produce military fragmentation. If we completed the achievement of battle - we can get award of achievement. Multiple soldiers receive equal damage when they receive range damage. Try to keep soldiers behind reduce casualties. Tank destroyers deal extra damage to tanks.

    tutorial (wiki): major workers at the logistics base can significantly increase resource production and increase the probability of acquiring rare items. Troop cultivation requires munition, while tank cultivation needs steel. Damage dealt to tanks from most troops will be reduced, while rocket soldiers can deal extra damage to tanks. Avatar can be changed for free, but renaming charges a fee. Soldiers are vulnerable but extremely nimble. Take full advantage of that.

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    4. yz2DCoaJks71ess - level up
    5. RKfTOf4WMrOQIEF - gift box
    6. Ny8pYlKzHmYlSKM - tank recruit
    7. qnixwJOPYPf2fPN - draw 10 times
    8. nHV6UcnUHT2kmmw - rank up
    9. UqmFzhn1q1WZH08 - stamina
    10. 9N7yZGLDRGFRSCt - growth fund
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