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    Official site Battle Brawlers cheat world: welcome, general! You’re finally here! Hurry and enter the battleground. Our goal is to defeat our opponent’s war God. We need to breach the defenses of our opponent. Let’s begin by building the private barracks. Drag the private barracks to the appropriate position. When the countdown ends, your barracks will automatically send out troops. Kill enemy units to receive gold.


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    You have enough gold to upgrade your private. Upgrade your barracks from private to captain. Unlock new features: rush and halt. Tapping rush will cause our units to quickly charge into battle. Prepare to breach the enemy’s defenses! Once breached, our troops will have access to the war gods. It’s time to use defend. Defend can be used to eliminate all enemy troops within a certain area (can only be used once).

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    We need to recycle the griffin in the front row and replace it with a proper frontline troop. Using recycle will allows us to recoup a portion of gold spent on troop barracks. Tap on the unit to learn more about it. Upgrading griffin to firebird can cause tons of damage to enemy frontlines. Hero units have powerful abilities. use a damage spell to eliminate our opponent quickly. Drag firestorm to the appropriate location.
    Battle Brawlers gift box
    The mallet will reset all aggro within an area. Fielding the General (private troop upgrade) with the fire mage (mage troop upgrade) is a great combination. Gold spent in battle is converted to power. Remember to upgrade the troop barracks after building it. All base units can be upgraded into a variety of troops. You can build a hero once your power reaches 1000.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can play all levels more than once. Understanding the armor counters is key to achieving. There are good counters for each armor and damage type. Drag your screen left and right to view. Cast haste to breach your opponent’s defenses before the countdown ends. Magic damage is perfect for taking out units with heavy armor. Troops are randomly selected for your matches.

    tutorial (wiki): staying on the enemy base and not getting damage, you must capture all points of enemy base. In the shop there is a free tank - in case the money runs out and you don’t have a tank. Battle - the main game mode, where you fight against other players as part of your platoon or random team. Earning an achievement, you will receive gold.

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