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    Official site Man or Vampire cheat world: this legend lies beyond the realm of life. The legend bears the final days of the Heavens of afterlife and the secrets hidden within. Every legend revolves around a protagonist...There are a few souls who fall into long when they arrive at the Heavens. It’s good that you’re awake nice and early. You probably need an explanation, i totally forgot. Yes, you’re dead. And we are on the Heaves. This is where the souls gather for the afterlife.


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    You must have stayed away from too many sins in during your previous life. I heard that those with unbearable sins fall into hell before reaching the heavens. Well, don’t you worry too much. You might not remember your past life very clearly, but you’ll remember it eventually. Here, death and rebirth coexist. I mean,the death on your past life marks the beginning of a new one. I’m a guide, i’m going to be helping you settle down on the heavens.

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    We must get ourselves out of here alive. I’m sure you’ll get used to the heavens if you keep your attitude. Well, first thing you’d need to live here would be money. The easiest way to make money here would be to collect the roots of the heavenly flowers. The fang wires really like them! They’re the aborigines of the Heavens, actually. Tap the regions button to travel to the flower cave. Tap the region on the map to move the character. Reach the destination. Tap the flower to collect the roots.
    Man or Vampire gift box
    Be careful, the scent from the roots attract foul monsters. Tap the party backpack icon at the bottom right of the screen, and make an exit. There are 5 different types of equipments: weapon, armor, helmet, boots, ring. Skills: concussive shell - fire at the enemy, deal damage to nearest enemies and ignore enemy defenses. Damage is affected by agility. Musketeer’s focus fire - attack damage sacrificed to gain splash damage.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: launch celebration package - get gem, bat scrolls, hp recovery potion, instant moving feather, and sex experience potion. However, you can not withdraw subscription if you receive the product from your mailbox or use it. You can use the search orbs to find new souls. 1 search orbs will replenish every 30 minutes. You can use gold, gem or hack cheats to recruit the found companion.

    tutorial (wiki): soul search - here, you can see the list of companions whom you can negotiate with, so you’ll be able to select a companion for negotiation. Higher the negotiator's intelligence, higher the chance for success. Also, if the negotiator has a high compatibility, you may be able to negotiate one more time. After the negotiation, you can pay the final sum to recruit the companion.

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    1. Rs1kxopx35BpHUT - gold
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    3. mMzhPjVcv2xoRyb - vampire coin
    4. wTDQW7wA1VRgLHK - legendary recruit card
    5. JeGj5vtpscgvHyz - refill
    6. wHdPdOc3JtGF0LP - wings
    7. GsoGOCjAFcrXdSJ - element
    8. qf7RFaGDmlt4VKr - level up
    9. U3hNNb7mWKF7w0w - upgrade
    10. dbxsc8qWiFjxhKi - gift box
    11. JQM5SytTZeTXfeM - cube reward
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