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    Official site SF Warfare cheat world: we are her, commander! We will back you up forever! We need more troops to pacify the war. Build a tank workshop to make tanks. Making new tanks to supply the loss is our top priority. The war is the contest of comprehensive strength! headquarter is our strategy center, upgrade the level to end the war as soon as possible. The drone detected several groups of forces are fighting for the resources outside the base, Now the warlord Mad dog occupied the resource area.


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    We need plenty of resources for development. We can have the resource area after finishing enemy. It’s perfect to kill two birds with one stone. The chariot has high defense, but the attacking speed is slow, our tanks are effective against enemy. After a period of time, the resource area runs effectively. And base is obviously improved, the organization decides to reward you.

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    Commander, no space in base now. There is a small town nearby the base, which was sieged by the militants, we can take it. It’s said that Wolf Sanch is their boss, he is a mercenary who practices in tactics, a handful. The artillery has fast attacking speed and high CS, it’s effective against tank. The enemies are hard to handle, luckily i am the master of artillery defense, i can resist the damage of artillery.
    SF Warfare gift box
    You can build academy and armament department to unlock more functions. We must build the military academy to research the technology. Research the enhance base power and development speed. The more technology you researched, the higher power. Build chariot camp produce chariot to against artillery. Upgrade the building to unlock higher level of chariot and increase the producing capacity of each time.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: daily sign in can accumulate the vip point. We need more new power to expand our team, so we can be invincible in the future war. We can fight in the hero stage to form a new team. If we’re lucky, we may recruit awesome heroes. Hero will accumulate morale during the fight. Skill will be released when the moral reached 100. There are many stronger heroes are waiting for you in the stage, you must become more powerful.

    tutorial (wiki): technology is a key part of your strength! Please remember to research. Release shield Hagrid’s (shield bash) to stop enemy’s skill. YOu need to upgrade the tier of shield Hagrid to increase his combat power and defense. Release the skill of shield Hagrid and Ramires to kill all enemies with one wave. Besides hero stage, recruit in the military institute is a superior alternative.

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    1. BoGfONlQbU4kmnK - upgrade
    2. ohiVoDJm3FrA1yZ - evolve
    3. pzt9a4o9NAZyljY - promode
    4. yC8BTvRWre1Ahht - heroes
    5. elkQSDxKJmRWsuR - speed up
    6. crwjl0NUstNbojg - resources (oil, food, steel)
    7. uttcX3YWPE027oP - stamina energy
    8. R4JSplil4U5YioY - gift box
    9. 8a5zSTUd2bpmvPm - cash
    10. 9O9zmKO7WkowoBc - gems
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