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    Official site Westworld cheat world: so you’re the new hire for Delos Destinations. This state of the art program covers the tasks and procedures associated with your position as a trainee at our westworld park. DPTS includes all aspects of park operations and host maintenance, and provides simulated detail sufficient to properly train you for your future work here at Delos. I’m cheat-on, head of Quality assurance here at Westworld. Follow my lead, and you may just survive here. This training module is a high fidelity simulation of our Westworld park. You will be responsible for keeping the park running smoothly by managing the hosts, our artificially intelligent “park residents”.


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    The secret to satisfying our guests is to pair them with the right host. Let’s start at manufacturing. And please keep up, i’m very busy. Narrative creates concepts for new hosts, then manufacturing builds them. You’ll use a host code to manufacture each new host. This host walks and talks, so that’s something. A little advice: delos values employees who are invested in the park’s success. Complete your objectives, and you’ll be rewarded.

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    This is a sweetwater, the first stop for every guest. Guests are dropped off regularly at the train station. Looks like the train is arriving with a new group now. Make sure quests are satisfied by sending the right hosts to interact with them. Captivate as many as you can to maximize our bottom line. There’s a character waiting in the saloon now, don’t neglect them. He want to @live without limits”, and we are here to oblige.
    Westworld gift box
    Overseeing host guest interactions is vital to your job. Each host can play a few specific roles, which satisfy matching quest desires. You can speed up interactions, satisfying hero faster. Time is money, after all. Make characters happy, and you’ll earn rewards and resources to expand operations and improve your hosts. The more satisfied the quests, the better the reward. You just earned a new host code for manufacturing a new host.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: It looks like one of our guests is looking for something more intense. Why don’t build a bank for them to rob? The control room is the command center of Westworld. Upgrade it to support more park locations and Delos rooms. All surveillance and key decision making happens here. Your upgraded control room can now support a bank in sweetwater. Using host codes is key to running your park.

    tutorial (wiki): each quest picks an affinity before entering the park - while hat, or neutral. Hosts also while hat, black hat, or neutral affinities embedded in their code. During an interaction, matching affinities mean the host will better adapt to the guest’s desire. If you match host and character affinities, you get bonus rewards.

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    1. 5CTea44c8aPM1RA - legendary host code
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    4. WwNXALnZYnssHUl - upgrade
    5. 65rxcAufJztYmMa - speed up
    6. NjpxNI95ujbpm3O - evolve
    7. G9LxC7JAvdaCqc0 - gift box
    8. 8oxjzEAFeQyGRrU - roles
    9. uxqJksQF7N02hgL - premium pack
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