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    Official site Boom Ocean cheat world: a new navigator has arrived. Captain Jack is drunk and is not here yet. Maybe he fell in the sea and drowned. Is it alright if i receive you? Standard chest can be used to call lower quality ships (standard, fine, precious). Standard chest consumes base calling scrolls. My lord, standard call is not suitable for your status. We recommend your using pearl call (fine precious, rare) and choosing a more suitable ship. But of course, pearls will only cost a little more.


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    Click on battle to begin our journey. Click on our ship icons to select a ship. The first battle, must let everybody know your attitude. Your ships will move and attack automatically. You can also control them manually. It seems like we received a lot of duplicate items, but it’s okay. use duplicate items of the same quality to upgrade. We can upgrade our equipment in the city center.

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    After you satisfy the requirements, click on the equipment to upgrade it and to receive an equipment with greater attributes. Corresponding parts require lower level parts of the same type in. After you get sufficient ship exp, click icon to upgrade your ship. The upgraded ship is more powerful than ever. My god, your warship has no equipment at all. You must understand that cannons and sails are necessities for every warship. You don’t look like a miser.
    Boom Ocean gift box
    Besides calling, ships can be obtained via synthesis of fragments. We can recycle and resolve old ships. Of course we will pay you ship soul coins, which is good for upgrading. If you want more equipment to enhance your warship, you can go look in the workshop. But we’ve just received information that your fleet has crossed paths with pirates again. We must fight.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: we’ve just gotten a new warship. Include it into the fleet to increase your attack power. Your must meet the required attack power to unlock a new checkpoint. The standby line up gradually unlocks in sync with player level. Please remember to add new ships. There is some waiting time before entering each checkpoint. You can choose to wait or go do something else according to the wait time. And remember, online rewards are upgraded daily. Please remember to log in daily to claim them.

    tutorial (wiki): go to the resources island, you can get basic resources. Don’t forget to complete the daily tasks and win the rewards. CLick the player image to change the flag. Maximum offline earning duration is 12 hours. Rewards will not be accumulated over 12 hours. The tower of magic reaches 105 above the red boat award. Warship: dragon flight - the intermediate range attack ship has a balanced firepower, loading capacity and speed.

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    1. kGhuReHno0HQ07l - advanced call
    2. KXMY1038A1u6pEo - legendary ship
    3. h1ZZxHkUmzLC7Lz - pearl
    4. EEC30yXReDgzP8R - gold
    5. Wi6dVR3QMgEcdz3 - gift box
    6. Rpr87TjMRFy3lAZ - upgrade
    7. VAIm2BWMoDVNPyz - evolve
    8. SCquTHlknexowgY - premium pack
    9. ED7tUNQruuFz2Ln - treasure chest
    10. JAHoGfPb59YjKzr - vip ticket
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