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    Official site Wargate Heroes cheat world: Space...we used to look up and wonder how far it went. But ever since the emergence of the Breach and the start of the war, there hasn’t been time to wonder. Time to dream like we used to. Long ago, a unique discovery allowed us create teleportation rifts, which enabled travel to any point in space. We encountered and explored countless worlds and civilizations. An age of wonders was upon us. To improve the tech, we decided to test its maximum output. And of course, we broke it.


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    We created a Breach.. a tear in the very fabric of space. From this shattered portal, a realm emerged. A distorted reflection of our world. But like so many times in our history, the inevitable happened. As wisdom vanished in the winds of time, war became our only reality. Locked in this arena combat, both worlds fight for control of the Breach. A fight for dominion and survival. From the ashes of this conflict, heroes have risen vowing to protect our cities and our people. To forever rule the breach.

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    Commander, we have detected an energy surge near the breach. An enemy invasion seems to be imminent. Our mission is clear: we must stop the enemy invasion forces from breaking through our defenses. We are sending invasion forces of our own through the Breach to attack the mirror world. But only one reality can survive. Our defenses Must hold. The build phase - were we build up our lane’s defenses. Step into the field. We can also recruit powerful Guardian units to help us defend the Bastion.
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    Place a sureblade in the landing platform. Place him at the specified location. Keep an eye on the time counter, we only have a few seconds to strategize before the invasion wave arrives. Use the joystick to move your hero unit around, and the attack button to engage enemies in range. Your hero unit has unique and powerful skills. Health and power level are shown under each unit. Always keep an eye on them. Defeating enemy units grants us Aurum, which we can use to further improve our defenses. Upgrade the character’s power level by tapping on him.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: we have been mining plasma from the breach to create concentrated plasma charges. These can be used to activate powerful battle card abilities in any lane if enough charges are available. Plasma charges regenerate slowly over the course of the battle. Be sure to use them wisely. They are your most important resource during combat. Battle cards can be used both in allied as well as enemy lanes. In enemy lanes, offensive battle cards target the enemy guardians and hero, while defensive battle cards assist our own invasion force.

    tutorial (wiki): you can also teleport your hero unit to other lanes. Your kills in allied or enemy lanes will grant you aurum bonuses. But beware, as losing your hero in an enemy lane will grant the bonuses to them. You can invade your opponent’s lane by tapping the highlighted button on the upper left section of your interface. Use your hero and battle cards to destroy lane’s defenses. The resistance in enemy lanes is going down fast. You can monitor how much resistance each reality has by using the meters at the top of the interface.

    Note, tricks: Allowing friendly invasion units to leak through your enemy’s bastion lowers their resistance meter. When the enemy team has no resistance left, our invasion forces will hit them full force, and we will be safe for a while. Upgrade units or place new guardians while we have time left. YOu can expand your available Heroes, guardians and battle cards with bastion credits, which you earn every time you play game. TO help you in your journey, a bastion credits reserve has been activated for you. To claim it, log in or create a new account.

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