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    Official site War of Emblem cheat world: dear lords, welcome to new game - you’ll start a brand new adventure now. On the vast and mysterious Mistland, you will get acquainted with heroes of distinguished personalities, set up a magnificent castle, and fight against the dark evil force. In the meantime, you also have the opportunity to align with partners of same minds, and strive for the throne of power with hostile forces. Living in this world filled with opportunities and challenges, who will be the hero and win the ultimate glory? We will see!


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    I would never forget that day. Undead soldiers started to charge forward crazily. The solid city wall collapsed into ruins at a glance. We had to leave here. Find chance capture our imperial city back. The sentries found a perfect place to build our castle. It is a beautiful world, but danger lurks in it, too. For brave people, it will be a new start. Mistland is full of chances and challenges. Only the wise lord can seize. With the joint effort of everyone, our settlements are beginning to take shape. In the near future, i will be able to command a strong army, defeat the competitors and occupy the kingdom.

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    Homeland: Reaphook - after breaking with the gods, Shadow of Eternity established here a kingdom of the undead, in an attempt to rewrite the meaning of life. Graceland - the center of the world swallowed by darkness. The legacy of ancient civilization, waiting for light in the ruins of time. Hajas - elves are the first inhabitants of this land. With the emergence of other creatures, their rule has become the past. Arcane - gathers the most outstanding arcane researches in the world. They established the magic academy and threw themselves into it.
    War of Emblem gift box
    3 lands near our residence have been occupied by bandits. Take them back. When the progress bar of the hero’s core skill reaches full, the hero will cast the skill in the next round. The heroes’ action orders in this round depends on their speed. It’s really exciting to fight side by side with our friends. Let him join the team and prove himself. We have already activated the bonus of the same race and the same color. If 3 specific heroes fight together, there will also be a powerful bond bonus.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: troops recruitment consumes various resources, and also consumes resources daily. Please make sure you resource storage is sufficient. You can instantly recruit troops by using reserves. This can save you a lot of time. When resource storage exceeds the storehouse’s limit, you will not obtain resources from lands. So build a storehouse now to increase resource storage limit. Completing quests rewards resources for your development. Follow the quests and learn to explore the new world.

    tutorial (wiki): purchase privilege or spend diamonds to use temporary queues. Residence provides shelter for people, and also brings impressive revenue for the lord. Barracks are used for training soldiers. Upgrade barracks tp increase the number of marching troops. Expand your territory, seek strength, and fight with powerful friends. Go explore the vast land of new android strategy! We hope that you can create your own legend in the future.

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