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    Official site Z-Day Hearts of Heroes cheat world: the world war has raged for years. We were winning until they released the gas. Now Z day is upon us. I glad to see you commander! We need all the help we can get. Bring out the destroyer, commander! Show invaders how we deal with uninvited guests. If the commandant succeeds, it could mean the end of all humanity! He must be stopped. We’ve got to stop the commandant’s forces.. your destroyer was damaged in the assault but it’ll be fixed up soon.


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    While your destroyer’s getting set up, build an oil well so you can produce oil for your base. Upgrade it to increase oil production and storage. You can’t win a war without soldiers. Build your drill grounds so you can train infantry. Drill grounds - train your infantry troops in the drill grounds. Upgrade to unlock more powerful soldiers. hungry soldiers won’t fight - build a food factory to produce food for your troops.

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    Now let’s make you a force to be reckoned with and start building your army. Machine gunners have an increased defense against jeeps. Remember, you’re a military commander, not a farmer. When you need more resources just go get some. Your troops need time to gather the resources. Let’s go back to your base and upgrade your headquarters. I don’t need to tell you how dangerous it’s gotten out there. Build a barracks near your food factories so you can train more troops.
    Z-Day Hearts of Heroes gift box
    Follow my tips to quickly develop your base step by step. Completing missions will give you sweet rewards. Claim them in the missions menu below. The more resource buildings you have, the greater your levels of resource production. Upgrading unlocks new features and benefits. If you want to win, you better join or create an alliance. you’ll never be able to win the doomsday device without help.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: use your skill points to set your strategy. From combat to development, skills are vital to claiming victory. Rewards with powerful benefits such as vip activation are waiting for you. Activating the vip function will grant you powerful privileges! it will increase your instant building speedup time among many other great benefits to growth. The more vip points you hack, the higher your vip level and the greater the benefits. Vip points are obtained each day you sign in and by using vip cheat code. The amount of points obtained each day increases with each successive daily sign in.

    tutorial (wiki): To change your name: go to your item inventory by tapping on items at the bottom of the home screen, and then tap on the commander rename icon. Alternatively go to commander profile by tapping on your portrait, then tap on the icon of a small person next to your name.
    To welcome you to the hack world of Z day and thank you for your support, we’d like to give you a series of special soldier crates. We know you deserve some extra power to help you take on both the commandant’s forces and rival commanders. That’s why instead of just one crate, we’ve sent a set of crates that are unlocked as you level up, each with greater rewards.

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    4. kLKYxSVaZKFRwCS - legendary general
    5. g55Hor9WJgai7Y6 - troops
    6. iLszAfDFu0U8VWM - gift box
    7. SImO2g3ZMBUkzRv - vip status
    8. DhZFDP5LdkITNk2 - oil
    9. EpiYwBVeWSVMHRU - food
    10. IIsoXImchuNcpKJ - upgrade
    11. dEXGJYj554NeGlM - speed up
    12. 5DTVx4blmPD36ZP - level up
    13. AMfeke6A0H1zm4E - premium pack
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