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    Official site Clash of Cards cheat world: my lord is awake! YOur memory will return to you soon. I am cheat-on, your warden. We need to restore your skills to start our journey. Six random cards are removed from each of the decks. You declare attack. Your cards strike first in this phase. You start with three cards, draw three cards next turn and one every following turn. If your hero dies you lose the battle. Defeat the enemy hero to win battle.


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    A card’s health value is on the bottom left. This is how much damage a card takes before it dies. A card’s attack value is next. This is how much damage it deals in a battle.The armor value is the third. This is how much the taken physical damage is decreased. The speed value is on the bottom right. If it is equal or higher than the speed of the card across, your card will retaliate. Click on the card once again to see the full card’s stats.

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    Clash of Cards tutorial”  /> <br /> Beautiful! Your powers are crowing, your will is getting stronger. The portal is ready. We will arrive in Ellond and then go to Orr-Taksh. Our way to the tournament lays through dangareos lands. We are late, but i hope we will overtake the other kings soon. Demon - gives 1 faith point of Vulgat, when played. Berserk - increases own damage by the amount of lost HPs.  Hesitation - decreases the speed of all the foes by 1 additional point.  <img src=
    Click freecell to play the card into the battle. A card attacks the card across from it. If there is no enemy card, it attacks the enemy hero. The enemy card did not retaliate because its speed is lower. YOu declare defense - your card will strike second. A card attacks the enemy hero in the defense phase too, if there is no enemy card across. Place the card in free cell to deal the guaranteed damage to the enemy hero to win the battle.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: damballa’s sign - demon’s object. Does not give faith points, when played. Does not influence on the Wrath of Orr. Can not be healed. Decreases speed of all the foes by 3 points. Choose your army: mountain watchmen - a lot of armor, guns, and fortifications; undead & demon - slayers with healing; orcish horde - huge melee damage and lack of magic; steppe brotherhood - fragile but deadly archers and wizards; call of sin - various kinds of curses; soulless wardens - combo cards with immunes.

    tutorial (wiki) cards: spellcaster - human gives 1 faith point of Arest, when played. magical damage, increases magical damage of the Seeresses by 10 points. Pincers - orcish spell, requires 2 faith points of Orr. An orc will immediately annihilate a foe’s across if its base HPs are less than 30. Kronos - decreases speed of all the foes and increases speed of all the allies by 2 points. Does not affect on creatures with zero basic speed.

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    1. v0q12hqBx10KavM - legendary card
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    3. Rs6OUd4ETUs2tVJ - upgrade
    4. mRpKMfKma30YqV8 - faith points
    5. xlgkXsyaTiPlvAd - gift box
    6. 25h1YfDLaG3AI7N - gems
    7. p2sYzxmUVluZR3e - gold
    8. fZNisMIrc1UIHXW - evolve
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