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    Official site Scythe Digital Edition cheat world: the ashes from the first great war still darken the snow in 1920s Europa. However, there’s a new fire burning in the east. Are you ready to stop the Rusviets from conquering the continent? Your goal is to earn stars for various achievements. The game ends when any of the players achieves six stars. You can read the description of the selected action in the context area. After taking a top row action, you have the option to perform a bottom row one. Both actions are optional, but action order will always be top first, then bottom. Unfortunately you don’t have enough oil to play to upgrade at this time - this is indicated by the gray frame.


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    Each worker on territories may produce 1 item of its territory’s type. If you want to produce less, click the resource symbols to switch them off. Spend metal to deploy a mech to a territory you control with at least one worker on it (except bases and lakes). From now on, your character and all mechas (not your workers) gain the ability selected at the mech tab. Hit the highlighted field to play the required resource. Note that the cost corresponds to the number of red tiles on the action. Green tiles represent the gains - that means you are going to get 2 coins as well.

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    If you plan to have the world at your feet, you’re probably going to need a map. Let’s get familiar with the main concepts. A Territory is a hex on the board labelled with one of the following terrain types: farm, forest, mountain, tundra, village, lake, factory. For the purposes of the move action for any unit, all territories with the tunnel icon are considered to be adjacent to each other. You control a territory if you have at least one unit there ( a character, worker, or mech), or if you have a structure there with no enemy characters, workers, or mechs. Only one player at a time can control a territory.
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    You have a home base that serves as a starting point and a place to retreat after losing combat. A home base is not a territory, so by default you cannot move units or build structures there. Each faction has its own permanent base location and different skills. Resources (wood, food, metal, oil) remain on the map once produced. You may only spend resources from territories you currently control. There is no limit to the number of stored resources. Each of the three unit types in the game (characters, mechs, and workers) share two key similarities: they can move around the board (through not over rivers or onto lakes, by default). They can transport any number of resource tokens.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: select the move action to give an order to your units. You can earn up to 2 stars for victorious battles. If the loser dedicated at least 1 powr or ammo, they’ll gain 1 ammo card as they retreat. In the case of a draw, the attacker wins the battle. Workers are not fighters - they can neither attack nor use ammo. You lose 1 popularity for each worker forced to retreat by your attack. The factory is the centerpiece of the Scythe board. It is a place of technological innovation and untapped power. When your character enters the factory for the first time and your move action is complete, look through the factory cards and take one. At the end of the game, the factory is worth a total of 3 territories to the player who controls it.

    tutorial (wiki) cards: you get the ongoing recruit bonus for not only your own actions, but those of your direct neighbours too. The pool of ammo available in the game is limited to 42. By default, you cannot move units or build structures onto any base, including your own. The factory move action allows you to travel 1 hex further. it seems there’s something special about one of the villages. Every bottom row action requires resources - oil, metal, wood, or food. They can be produced by your workers based on their placement. The cost is related to the number of workers. The more workers . The more workers you have out on the map, the higher the cost to produce - and the higher your possible production output.

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