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    Official site Champions Manager Mobasaka cheat world: the 2018 world cup starts! Who will win the glistening golden trophy? Do you want to lead your own team and experience the tense atmosphere? If you are a football fan or not, everyone loves the world cup, and we think it could be the same for champions manager. You have to show up in champions manager, and in the game everything can happen! Now let’s kick off.


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    Big events for novice - along with the grand opening of server, we have prepared tons of gifts and big discounts for all managers! Let’s take a look. Daily sign-in: get Zlatan Ibrahimovic for free on the second day! Time limited recruit - greatly increased the chance to get rank a-s players. Only for the first 3 draws. Gift box - don’t miss the big sale on the Hottest players. Recruit buffon and his teammates for your team.

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    Champions Manager Mobasaka tutorial”  /> <br /> Time flies by and our team develops. Finally we get into the top league. Tap to start a new journey. New season begins. This is our arch rival of the season. Winning matches can get you rewards. use the exp drink to upgrade characters. Put exclusive equipment on the player. After the player has been equipped, you can perform. Store - you can meet many strong players here (promo gift, global store and recruit). Manager gains - many things can contribute to your manager XP> Factors positively contributing are highlighted. Any gains are doubled if you have vip status via the shop.  <img src=
    Drag player to the field from the substitute bench below. Manager mode- from here you can navigate to everything you’ll need to manage your club. You’ll return here after each match day. Use the nav bar at the bottom to move between the main sections. Team info shows how good your first 11 and squad are, how strong each part of the squad is, and what competitions you are in. Depending on selection, performance and other factors players mood can change. Unhappy players will lose form over time.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: your manager level and progress towards levelling up is shown top. Each time you level up you get boost cards and coins. TO visit the shop, where you can get additional coins. The squad view lets you look at player info and stats. The selected player’s ratings are shown in the player info box. The player’s mood is shown by an emoji, the players form by an arrow. You can put a player on the transfer list, which lets other clubs know you’d like to sell.

    tutorial (wiki) cards: you can also release a player, which removes him from your squad without a fee. Every saturday, you can modify the team training session and set the individual training intensity for each player. After a complete week, you will also see the results of training for each player and any ability gains made. Click a session to cycle through the options. It’s recommended to set all sessions unique to start with.

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