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    Official site Adeptus Titanicus Dominus cheat world: victory conditions - for each mission vary and are determined from the following objectives: each central objective under the control of one of your titans. Blitzkrieg - claim your opponent’s forward operating base objective. Break their spirit - destroy your opponent’s most expensive titan. Annihilation - destroy all enemy titans.


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    Controls: you can move your normal speed activation. Left click target for shooting attacks with no to hit modifiers. With a target selected, sets a sustained fire order. Unit shoots at its target more effectively than normal, but does not move at all. Alternatively, when set with no target selected, the unit goes on overwatch. overwatching units interrupt your opponent’s order execution to automatically fire upon the next enemy unit that enters weapon range.

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    Adeptus Titanicus Dominus tutorial”  /> <br /> Imperium: warlord battle titan - a heavy battle titan, the warlord is more heavily armoured and can be equipped with the most powerful weaponry. Scout - less heavily armed and armoured as their battle titan cousins, scout titans are built for speed, being designed primarily for recon actions and performing hit and run. Reaver - a medium battle titan, the reaver is a flexible war engine that delivers almost as much firepower as a warlord, but at a lower deployment cost. Range - indicates the effective range of the weapon.  <img src=
    Click and drag a titan into a deployment box to include it in your detachment. Detachment points cost will be calculated. The total points cost of your detachment must remain below the total points available for the mission. Note the missions are randomly. Rate of fire - indicates how quickly the weapon fires. A higher number means a faster firing weapon. For example: a vulcan mega bolter with RoOF 4 fires four times faster than a Volcano Cannon with ROF4. Anti tank - indicates how effective this weapon is against armoured targets, like tanks and war engines.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: commit order button - executes the chosen order for the currently selected unit. Once complete, the unit will be activated and not available again unit the next turn. YOu can move three times your normal speed activation, but you cannot perform any shooting attacks. Anti personnel - indicates how effective this weapon is against soft targets, like infantry and light vehicles. Retrain activation - click to choose to retain the activation, which means the opportunity to activate a unit will not yet pass to your opponent, giving you another activation. You can only do this once before you must pass the activation over. Be careful not to run out of activations too soon!

    tutorial (wiki) cards:if you give your titan a double order, it moves at twice its standard speed, but shoots less effectively than normal. Void shields - indicates how many (of maximum) void shields this war engine has remaining. Each hit strips away one shield. This unit may regenerate one shield in the end phase. Secure three of the four objectives or destroy all enemy to win.

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