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    Official site Invictus Heroes cheat world: the war with dark forces which took over our world has been going on for 83 years. No one knows who opened the Veil and released hordes of vicious creatures from the very depths of the Darkness. Many great warriors and magicians fell in that battle. The power of the darkness was rising. Citadel of Ifrit is the last stronghold of light forces. When there was no longer any hope to defeat the invaders, the Samuel’s spirit appeared to Lord Garrett and narrated him a legend of the ancient armour that was once created by the first light magician.


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    The armour was lost and all parts of it were scattered around the world. Yet collected together they grant invincibility in any battle. THe last opportunity to gain victory and put an end to the war is to find all parts of the armour and reunite them! Invictus is the name of this armour. CItadel is the last stronghold of light. How have you managed to get the victory over enemy?

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    This is a story about the legendary armor called Invictus which was created by an ancient magician. The Armor has been lost and its parts have been scattered all over the world. Yet, being collected, they grant invincibility in any battle. The forces of darkness are approaching our world… The last chance to win is to find all the pieces of Armor and assemble them together!
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    Characters: Dzanokumi - assassin of the Order of Murderers. using secret techniques, has acquired the ability to draw life from the enemy. long years of training have increased her stamina to an incredible level, and the more her enemies attack, the stronger her blows become. Efreet - priestess of the goddess of healing Eyr, who during the war was able to obtain the power of a fiery demon. Now it merged two entities, one is able to heal friends, the other is to incinerate enemies.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: assemble stronger items out of relatively weak ones. In a quick battle mode magic cannot be applied at all. Use a quick battle mode, to complete easy missions. ANd get gold and experience quickly. Remember to upgrade the levels of spells of the hero. Heroes positions in the squad can influence the result of the battle.

    tutorial (wiki) cards:don’t forget to buy the slots in heroes inventory. Fill the inventory with items in a well balanced way. Create your unique invincible squad and win in the arena. Complete the mission several times in order to increase its level (the number of stars on it). Added magical and common items in missions, on the map of bosses and map of crusade.

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