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    Official site Toy Odyssey The Lost and Found cheat world: what’s going on? Where am i? I feel like i’ve been here before, but i can’t quite place it. I hope someone around here can tell me what’s going on, exactly. Every room has a certain types of enemy dwelling in, better know what you’ll stomp into first hand. Your body can only take so much damage before you’re knocked out. But you’ll always wake up again the next night.


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    Toys get lost over time, and without an owner, they’re taken over by the darkness. They become evil. I have a request, though - any toys you find that haven’t been lost, please get them to Felix’s room somehow. We all need to stick together if we hope to survive. I’m pretty sure i saw one of them hiding in a room nearby. I bet that’s a good start for you! he might have some valuable information, too. Time to get to work.

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    Basic workshop - the workshop is where you and your partner can create anything you need, and each Pawn assigned here will be promoted to Rook, our builder, to boost your construction speed. COnstructions provide facilities you can organize and assign toys on defend duty or material gathering. Build up defenses to help your friend when you’re not around, in case of night raid from the lost one. The defense point this construction adds to base total defenses.
    Toy Odyssey The Lost and Found gift box
    The amount of staff currently assigned to this task. Adjust it according to your needs. The house’s structure completely changes each night if you have fallen. Post - someone must be on guard duty while you're away. Assign pawns here to make them our defender, the Queens. Board up - the lost ones come from all direction, not just the door, seal up those wall before it’s too late. Brick tower - the barebone of our defensive structures, there tower made from plastic brick and wood. Few in number, but with these vantage point, we could bring them down, one by one.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: our nut storage is where we store nuts. Any Paws up for the task as bishop scavenger will gather here. Each night, they will roam the house, seeking for spare nuts, despite the risk they’ll get lost some time. Junk chest - our main stock of materials stored here. Appoint pawns to work here to make them our knight hunter, follow by Bishops, they leave the safe haven, looking for useful material to bring back, if they can mande it back.

    tutorial (wiki) cards: bed wall - out last line of defense, better make it a hard one. Floor barricade - it’s not much, but these thing sure can slow them down. Chair bulwark - if there’s a fortified wall, the siege will end with our triumph. Window fence - the lost ones rarely storm in the window, but you can’t be too careful. Reinforced door - the frontier, our doors, it’s best to make them stronger to stand against anything darkness could throw at us.

    Note (tricks): upgrade your head for energy boost and additional health. Upgrade your body for greater endurance with health bonus. Upgrade your arms to boost off hand weapon damage bonus. Upgrade your cape to unlock glide and some health bonus. Upgrade your feet to unlock several move techniques, such as double jump, dash and some health bonus.

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    1. 03gU5cUTtCjErYf - blueprint
    2. TRfls3ol5nHuKxL - health
    3. tVGqZ2egdI9pzq4 - spare nuts
    4. Oc5ekaiz3EDT1Nf - wood
    5. VcZxoXptEMOXUDA - coins
    6. sbSioIdd2CFcnVb - materials
    7. 8hdAbbEDliOP069 - screw
    8. pQgCBKRIqtLZfEy - pearl
    9. tR2Y2iCP6U2KDz3 - spring
    10. pQLZy2QvAqBc5xf - energy
    11. iiaRYXG4oHTTLp9 - gift box
    12. AxZkSrYDepo7ZEK - key
    13. gNOeZgthQSn3S81 - premium pack
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