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    Official site Dungeon Maker cheat world: Fate card: decide the fate of your dungeon gere.Choosing one of the three cards will determine the fate of the coming day. Be careful, the cards you choose now will affect cards you get tomorrow. How to battle: you can use Dark lord’s skill by tapping anywhere on the screen. More skills will be unlocked as you level up the Dark lord. Use unlocked skills by pressing the skill button. Game speed: you can change the speed of the game. Mana crystals: shows dark lord’s mana.


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    Gold - the currency that can be used to buy items. Battle reward - acquire a random reward such as a facility, an equipment, or a monster. Types of battle reward: rooms - place monsters in a battle room to defend your dungeon against heroes. Trap: heroes in a trap will suffer damage. Facility: improves the performance of your dungeon. Monster egg - you will get a random selection of monsters. Choose and keep one of the three monsters from the egg. Relics - are items that help improve your monsters or the dungeon.

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    Characters: Lilith: whip - tap anywhere on the screen to inflict damage to the nearest hero. Elizabeth - vampire to the dark lord. Vampire - recovers life as much as vampire stat when attacking enemy. The stat is reduced to half each time it is activated. Blood rage - you get fury as much as life recovered using vampire. Succubus girl - charm: the next attack will target the ally. Stat is reduced by 1 per every action. SLime: regeneration - recovers life as much as regeneration stat at the beginning of action. The stat is reduced to half each time it is activated.
    Dungeon Maker gift box
    Select a battle room: monsters deployed in the dungeon are placed in rooms, and those that are not deployed are shown below as icons. Tap monster icons to deploy them. Tap monsters in the dungeon to remove them from battle rooms. Auto deploy: monsters are automatically placed in epty rooms based on the sort order. Reset; removes all monsters deployed in the dungeon. Sort button: sorts monsters according to criteria.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: how to place rooms - install the acquired rooms in the dungeon. Tap a room or an empty space in the dungeon, and install rooms in following ways: install the room in an empty space in the dungeon; remove the existing room and install a new room; use the room card to increase the exp of the existing room.

    tutorial (wiki) cards: solitude - atk of monsters deployed in this room increases by 5 per number of adjacent facilities that are not battle room. Rock - inflict 5-10 damage to the hero that entered the room. if the hero is in slow state, triple the damage will be inflicted. Combine monsters to get a new. Sacrifice your monsters to enhance your dark lord. Extraction - inflicts 3 damage and collect information fromt he hero that entered the room. When 100 pieces of information are collected, a random monster is upgraded.

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    1. aGggjS8TbKues9b - runes
    2. 217vOVD89ttYIWH - monsters
    3. ZJL5JMwWoIX9TO5 - eggs
    4. 6NHsMARD7pXhu7i - gold
    5. 8f3OYbtkCRBe7I6 - legendary card
    6. uTVf6DlpP1aAiET - gift box
    7. 51E2cZxjol8Itn2 - evolve
    8. AiF3MeLSnf4MnNZ - upgrade
    9. dcN5HX3V1qREhuY - premium pack
    10. bWTX8UPVdvAXpG5 - level up
    11. y7o6Am5Syj9H2C1 - increase damage
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