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    Official site I Monster cheat world: uncle boss, look! Another unlucky child came over. This is also a potential customer! Our investor. So you came here because you hear the devil’s call, right? Hmmm.. anyway, trying to save our lord from the bravers’ hands is a big deal. Don’t be nervous. I’m cheat-on, your soul elf. Let’s take a look at the tower and i will tell you the details things while walking. In shorts, our rescue plan is divided into three steps. Set 1, we go through the forest into the first floor of the tower.


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    Step 3, we found the stairs, rush to the top of the tower, and rescue Devil sethk. Now, we need to plan the step 2 in detail. As you can see, there are bravers everywhere. And you need to kill them, upgrade yourself, find the stair, climb to the top, to save the lord. You have to be careful, these guys are not easy to solve, you can not be as dexterous as our elf elves to avoid choppers. You may be injured every time when you fight.

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    I Monster tutorial”  /> <br /> Look at the tower right corner of the screen. The red arc is your life value, if it decreases to 0, you will recharge..not, you will be killed. And the red water bottle on the left, is a therapeutic potion, and a drink can restore half the value of your life. The potion will be supplied to 10 when you enter to tower. I said just now, these bravers are not easy to solve, if you’re wearing a poor gear to fight with them, you can only wait to be made into a skewer.  <img src=
    Hey, you’ve found and activated the climb floor stairs! Follow these stairs down, you can approach to our target of rescuing the lord step by step. Look at the staircase mark in the upper left corner. As long as you activate the stairs, then in this floor no matter how you want to run everywhere, you will not lose your way. After the monsters upgraded can learn different skills to transform their own genes. Alright i’ll tell you - click on the screen three times continuously in a row and shake the phone madly for five times and it’s done.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: did you see your own monster gene? Every single genetic point you get can transform your DNA here through learning skills. Learn and upgrade skills need to consume a genetic point, choose the most suitable skills to transform your own DNA to make you a unique monster. Choosing a skill to click the confirmation button to learn or upgrade will take a gene point.

    tutorial (wiki) cards: you have activated the small map of this floor and click on the small map of the upper left corner to see the whole picture of this floor, it will save a lot of trouble. Hey, it seems you are much better than i thought! you’ve been up a few floors continuously. However, you have to pay attention, as you get on the floor, these tough bravers will increase the corresponding level. You can find a braver, long press the button he can see his message.

    note (tricks): your camp returns charge full! Now you can click on it to return to the camp safely anytime and only by this way back to camp, can you keep all the items that you risk harvesting, like gold coin, experience and so on. You can go back whenever you want. I just want to tell you how to charge, it’s actually very simple, you can get the energy by beating bravers 100 marks make full energy. Though you can also give up risking to return to camp from setting up interface, but if you do that you will return to the state before entering just like going back in time, and this adventure is also a waste.

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    3. uwHBOlEnniYWiu2 - runes
    4. G3mxpPBPsQa5Rfa - DNA gene
    5. 3486HXsqlvujGF5 - legendary gear
    6. OVlgriOgDz6TKWx - weapon
    7. uRE0nKzDS33hOxN - gift box
    8. uXxWLRj6CkMgufu - wing
    9. d8MqAPu849Px7LT - pets
    10. dCft4TWMZaOvtLU - crystals
    11. Kp4CaR13fUjBusS - premium pack
    12. Z8eHXaz5ARhsNPf - vip status
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