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    Official site Egypt Old Kingdom cheat world: we commenced an organized migration into new lands from upper Egypt. We found this place to be perfect for a new settlement. In order to have us earn a ring to rule these lands, the gods command our tribe to grow. You start the game in the future Memphis region. YOu represent one of the tribes of Upper Egypt, colonizing lower Egypt. To successfully complete the game, you must build a powerful nation within 300 turns (1,400 years) to survive a harsh final trial.


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    First chiefs: our tribe is led by a clan of Upper Egyptian origin. People of that clan trace their lineage to Horus - the solar God - and each chief is considered to be his personification. Horus chiefs have supernatural powers and won’t let any harm come to our tribe. Arid period - the climate is becoming cold and arid. The great desert expands - it is Seth, the evil god of sands, who slowly but surely conquered new lands. Large animals flee to the south, while western savannas turn semi-arid, and so peoples of the savanna migrate towards the Nile.

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    Population is the most important resource in the game. To build a large tribe you have to accumulate a supply of food and use them to create population. A large number of population will overcome any ordeal! Each population symbolizes a social group roughly numbering 250 adults, seniors and children. Exploration - scouts bring back important information about nearby lands. A lot of interesting (and sometimes dangerous) things can be found there. After exploration, carefully study the properties of newly revealed areas. Expansion is impossible without exploration.
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    Production represents various tools and building materials we use for construction. Buildings improve areas and allow us to increase resource growth. Without a huge income of production, construction of pyramids would be impossible. Animals: animals live all around Egyptians and are an important part of their life. We can hunt animals, or worship them and please them by bringing gifts. After thoroughly feeding the animals, we will be able to tame them and even make them live among humans. Remember, high relations increase bonuses and decrease penalties.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: culture represents our accumulated knowledge of the world, granted by the god Thoth. When we have enough culture, we can make a breakthrough and discover a technology through the eponymous menu. Technologies increase resource growth, unlock new buildings and provide other improvements. Tribe - economic stratification appeared in Egypt along with hereditary power. Tribal chiefs often had religious and military function - it was they who spoke in the name of the gods and decided whether war or peace was needed. Even rain couldn’t start without their encouragement.

    Egypt Old Kingdom tutorial (wiki): Permanent settlements - egyptian settlements consisted of rectangular mudbrick houses. The Egyptians produced assorted pottery, cultivated flax, sewed linen clothes, and wove mats and baskets. The first artisans had emerged. Agriculture - various kinds of bread as well as barley beer, fish and garden vegetables formed the diet of ancient Egypt. Egyptians bred cattle, goats and sheep; and used donkeys as pack animals. Large animals required spacious pastures for grazing.

    Favor and cults - favor is your authority in the eyes of gods and ancestors. To receive it you’ll need to build Cemeteries, temples and appease the powers that be the best you can. In exchange, you will be able to ask for their assistance and patronage through cults menu. Choose your patron deities wisely: your future depends on it.

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